Top Richest Men in Imo State (2021 Updates)

This is an article containing the list of the top richest men in Imo State. Being one of the 36 states in Nigeria with different influential people across many sectors including politics and business, many are curious who the richest men in Imo State are?

Previously we wrote on the richest men in Akwa-Ibom, now this article will expose you to who are the richest people in Imo State and how they accumulate their wealth. Before we delve into our list of the top richest men in Imo State, here is a brief history of the state. See the list of richest states in Nigeria

Brief History of Imo State

Imo State which was established in 1976 is one of the Igbo-speaking states in Nigeria. The Southeast region state is endowed with a lot of natural resources including oil and gas, agricultural produce, palm oil, and many others. Thus, it is one of the crude oil-producing states contributing to the wealth of the nation. Also, a lot of top oil companies like Chevron, Addax Petroleum, Shell, and others can be found in the state. See the list of palm oil producing states in Nigeria

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Also, Imo State is bordered by Abia State to the east, River state to the South, Delta State to the West, and Anambra to the North.

List of Top Richest Men in Imo State

Taking into consideration of their wealth, assets, and power, below is the list of the top richest men in Imo State.

Tony Ezenna

Tony Ezenna who hails from Akokuwa is currently the richest man in Imo State. The Nigerian billionaire has a lot of businesses and investments in and outside Lagos State across different sectors. Also, he has a mansion in Lagos which was estimated to worth $500 million

He is the chairman of a top pharmaceutical company in Nigeria called Orange Drugs Limited. The business mogul company has produced a lot of drugs that are popularly consumed by Nigerians. Some of which include Boska, Delta soup, and so on. Also, the company distributes other products from Italy, Germany, Indonesia, and so on.

Leonard Stanley Ekeh


Leonard Stan Ekeh who is also referred to as Leo Stan Ekeh is an IT expert and businessman. He is the founder of 2mox Technologies which is responsible for the production and distribution of different ICT gadgets and electronics across West Africa. Also, the Nigerian business magnate has contributed massively to the tech sector in collaboration with many tech companies.

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With an estimated net worth of $350 million, Leonard Stan Ekeh is considered to be one of the richest people in Imo State.

Rochas Okorocha

Here is another popular politician who made the list of the richest men in Imo State. Rochas Okorocha is an influential politician in Imo State with a history of serving in different public positions.

The former governor of Imo State was a very successful contractor receiving contracts from different angles before joining politics. He is currently a serving senator in Imo State with a lot of assets and investment. See the list of the richest Senators in Nigeria

Pascal Dozie

Pascal Dozie who was born on 9th December 1939 is also one of the richest men in Imo State. He was a top banker at the inactive Diamond bank before his retirement. Pascal Dozie has a lot of companies across different sectors including Kunoch Limited.

Therefore, Pascal Dozie is considered one of the richest people in Imo State.

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Hope Uzodinma


It is reasonable to have the current governor of Imo State as one of the richest men in Imo State. Hope Uzodinma is one of the Imo State illustrious sons and politicians who has held many positions across the state. Some of which include the position of a Youth leader, senator, and so on. See the list of richest Governors in Nigeria

The ex-senator is a graduate of Maritime management technology from the Federal University of Imo State. He also has a bachelor’s degree from Washington University. Hope Uzodinma was rumored to have embezzled close to $12 million for the construction of a channel in Calabar. Although, it was refuted and cited as a ploy by political opponents. With his wealth, assets, and power, Hope Uzodinma can be referred to as one of the richest men in Imo State. See the list of richest Igbo men in Nigeria

Richest Men in Imo State

Imo State is blessed with a lot of wealthy and influential sons across many fields. Although we mentioned a few of them, there are others including Chris Anyanwu, Peace Anyiam-Osigwe, Okey Bakassi, Bede Eke, Victor Adibe Chikwe, Simeon Ekpe, Kali Gwegwe, Emmanuel Iheanacho, and so on.

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