Salary Structure of Lecturers in Nigerian University

In this article, we will explain the salary structure of Lecturers in Nigerian universities. Usually, most workers in both public and private sectors find this area sensitive and they don’t always like to divulge into this discussion. The salary structure of Lecturers tells a lot about their financial status and standard of living. Revealing this information is more like selling themselves out to people. 

The salaries of Lecturers in Nigerian universities are regarded as being okay to help them lead a good life and decent family. In Nigeria, before you can apply for lecturing jobs, you need to graduate with a first-class degree. The following is the breakdown of the salary paid to the Nigerian lecturer on a monthly or annual basis.  See also: The Nigerian Universities With The Most Corrupt Lecturers

Monthly and Yearly Scale of Salaries of Lecturers in Nigerian University

  1. Lecturer II : The lecturer II is paid between N137,459 to N164,970 on a monthly basis and between N1,649,509 to N1,979,640 on a yearly basis. 
  1. Lecturer I: The lecturer I is paid between N173,333 to N223,688 on a monthly basis and between N2,079,990 to N2,685,010 on a yearly basis. 
  1. Senior Lecturer:The Senior lecturer is paid between N257,625 to N371,292 on a monthly basis and between N3,091,505 to N4,455,506 on a yearly basis. 
  1. Reader: The Reader is paid between N314,081 to N417,063 on a monthly basis and between N3,768,222 to N5,004,750  on a yearly basis. 
  1. Professor in Nigeria: The Professor in Nigeria is paid between N381,695 to N501,680 on a monthly basis and between N4,580,349 to N6,020,162 on a yearly basis. 

Although, with the above salary structure, many will consider the salary structures of Lecturers in Nigerian universities too poor compared to salary structures of Lecturers outside the shore. In a bid to increase their salaries, Lecturers have resorted to selling handouts and textbooks in Nigerian universities. They coerce students to buy the handouts against their will. 

How the Salaries of Nigerian Lecturers are Accumulated

Since time immemorial, Lecturers are known to always complain bitterly concerning their salary structure. The salary structure of Lecturers is average to what the institution actually earns from each student. 

The location of the institution determines the salary of Lecturers. A senior Lecturer lecturing in Lagos state could earn N500,000 monthly while his colleague in other states receives less. 

Apart from the institution locale, some other factors that determine how the Lecturers’ salaries are amassed are :

  • The university faculty or department you’re lecturing
  • Other responsibilities assigned to your primary roles and duties
  • Academic qualifications
  • Record of publication in Local and foreign journals

Apart from lecturing activities, Lecturers also craft multiple ventures for themselves and take up some contracts and part-time jobs. Most times, these extra courses supersede their monthly salary. 

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