The Nigerian Universities With The Most Corrupt Lecturers

Nigerian Universities With The Most Corrupt Lecturers

This is a list of The Top 10 Nigerian Universities With The Most Corrupt Lecturers. One of the highly patronized industry in Nigeria is the education sector. This is because of the love and value given to education in Nigerian.

Even, in the whole of the black continent, Africa, there is no country that beat the numbers of universities in Nigeria.

Hence, making the education sector to be competitive in nature. No wonder, candidates suffer a lot before gaining admissions to government-owned universities.

It is because of this that the education system has been designed with daylight robbery and rot by many Nigerian university lecturers.

What’s more, there is no difficulty in attaining any class of degree (with first-class inclusive) in Nigeria without seeing the four walls of the lecture room.

So far you have your cool cash to pay for the grades, nothing is impossible. What a pity!

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This dirty scope involves so many things, so far it’s beneficial to the Lecturer. The most received ones are cash and kind for sanctifying the students’ results – usually, the kind is offered by the female students.

However, 9jatoday has taken a bold step to list the top Nigerian Universities With The Most Corrupt Lecturers.

After investigation and research, the following are the top university in Nigeria that have the highest number of lives that are used to ‚Äúsorting.”

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  1. University of Abuja

The majority of the University of Abuja lecturers are fanatics of luxuries for grades. They can go to any length to rectify a student result so far he has a tempting ransom.

  1. University of Lagos

Of course, average Nigerians heard about the issue of sex for grade scandal in the University of Lagos sometime around Las year. That’s how most of the lecturers in Unilag are.

  1. University of Calabar

You can also sort out your ways easily in Unical so far you are willing and ready to pay the price.

  1. Obafemi Awolowo University

Just like Unilag, the sex for grade scandal has also been happening in OAU. Some of their lecturers are corrupt to the marrow, too.

  1. Nnamdi Azikiwe University

To be sincere, every lecturer in Nigeria Universities has its price. Unizik lecturers also made the list of the most corrupt University lecturers in Nigeria.

  1. University of Port Harcourt

The majority of the Uniport lecturers also like exchanging grades in consideration for cash and kind from the students.

  1. Imo State University

Just like any other tertiary institution in Nigeria, I’m State University is also dominated by bad eggs.

  1. Delta State University

The majority of lecturers at Delta State University also prioritise cash and kind for rectifying student grades.

  1. University of Benin

Uniben also made it to the top 10 list University lecturers that are totally corrupt.

  1. Lagos State University

Same as above, Lagos State University lecturers are not saints either, they consider anything for rectifying results.

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However, be informed that all Nigeria Universities lecturers are corrupt but the above schools mentioned are topping the chart.

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