KPMG Salary Structure in Nigeria

KPMG Salary Structure in Nigeria? KPMG is an accounting and auditing firm in Nigeria that has built a reputation for itself and is ranked among the best auditing firms in Nigeria. This company has been providing professional and advisory services since as far back as 1978. KPMG is one of the Biggest Accounting and Auditing Firms in Nigeria in Nigeria today to work for. This isn’t because KPMG Salary Structure is attractive but because you can build a career once you’re employed in this organization. 

KPMG is the shortt form of Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler. It has a good relationship around the globe and its headquarters is situated in the Netherlands.

In Nigeria, KPMG headquarters is located at Victoria Island, Lagos state. KPMG is a top game when it comes to professional service networks and it’s regarded as the big four because it networks with the other three big auditing companies. 

The company makes sure everyone involved in business reaches their full potential. They also provide an enabling environment for staff to build their career. Their staff is trained, competent and dedicated professionals. They provide advisory, audit, and financial and tax services. As a big organization, KPMG Salary Structure will interest most job seekers.

Their staff receives good salaries with bonuses and other packages. In this organization, the hierarchy moves from the interns to the manager. The highest rank enjoys the highest pay. Managers are paid the highest salary while the interns are paid the lowest salary. 

In this article, we shall explain in detail the salary structure of workers at KPMG in accordance with their hierarchy. 

KPMG Salary Structure

The following includes the salary structure of KPMG on a monthly and annual basis. 


Interns at KPMG receive the least salary. They are paid N37,500 on a monthly basis. 


Analysts at KPMG are paid about N120,667 on a monthly basis.

Senior Analyst

The salary of senior Analysts annually is between N2.14 million to N2.64 million. They earn between N180,000 to N216,000 on a monthly basis. 

Audit Associate

They are paid between N144,000 to N157,000 on a monthly basis. They are paid between N2.16 million and N2.36 million annually. 

Trainee IT consultant

They are paid between N2.42 million and N2.58 million annually. 

Audit Senior Associate

They earn between N241,000 to N259,000 on a monthly basis. They also earn between N3.07 million to N3.37 million on a yearly basis.

Semi Senior Associate

A KPMG semi Senior Associate is paid between N3.36 million to N3.63 million annually.

Advisory Associate

An advisory Associate at KPMG can earn between N3.85 to N4.17 million annually.

Advisory Senior Associate

A KPMG advisory Senior advocate may earn N5.48 million to N5.99 million annually.

Senior Associate

A senior associate could earn between N5.59 million to N7.77 million yearly. 


A KPMG manager in Nigeria earns between N12.6 million to N13.6 million annually.

Benefits of Working With KPMG in Nigeria

A graduate trainee at KPMG earns a whole lot of amount as well as some rewards. The rewards could be staff discounts, cash for student loans, off-work birthdays, and preferential banking. The starting salary for a graduate trainee at KPMG depends on the program and the location. 

How to Apply for Jobs in KPMG in Nigeria

Before a prospective graduate or an undergraduate can get a job at KPMG, they need to go through the assessment process. The application process allows candidates to showcase their abilities and strengths. To apply for a role in KPMG, you need to follow the following processes duly:

  1. Apply early as soon as the application form is out. Applications are open every year around July and the assessment process takes place between October and December.
  1. Ensure every information you fill into the application form is correct. Endeau to check thoroughly to make sure the information you fill is correct. After the role has been decided, the person’s certificate will be checked against the application form and if the information is wrong, the offer will be withdrawn.
  1. Just be yourself. The aim of the online assessment is to show how good the individual is in terms of the strengths and weaknesses of the roles applied for. Honesty is the key when filling application form. You shouldn’t apply if you’re not ready for the online assessment.
  1. The candidate will be assessed against their strength of what is expected in KPMG. Candidates strength must align with the role applied for. 
  1. Always research the business or the area you want to work. There should be passion for the area you applied for. This will help candidates pass the recruitment process and give a chance of getting the job.


KPMG is one of the best organizations that pays its staff handsomely. It also engages in undergraduate and graduate recruitment for those who wish to intern and learn more about auditing and tax advice. 

This company is one of the best accounting firms and they can groom other students and fresh graduates to be accountants or other areas of accounting in the future.