How To Start Your Own Gas Filling Station

Do you want to Start Your Own Gas Filling Station in Nigeria? We all know Nigeria is one of the highest oil-producing countries in the world with a reach oil well in the south, southwest, southeast region of the country thus making Start Your Own Gas Filling Station a sought-after question. But how many of us know that Nigeria is still among the highest oil-consuming country in the world?

Let’s see the statistics:-

Ø What is the population of Nigeria?
Ø How many cars, trucks, vehicles, Okada, tricycles, etc are currently in Nigeria and are active?
Ø How many generators, leisters, petroleum-driven turbines, and machines are in Nigeria? 

Now, you’re interested in going into the oil and gas sector which is currently the biggest and lucrative industry in Nigeria, are you interested in starting and owning a filling/gas station, do you want to become a successful petroleum/gas marketer? The let the above question rock your mind and read down with concentration as I will take you down through all you need.

The oil and gas sector is, in fact, one of the most vital and essential sectors on which many other sectors depend. The gas station is highly lucrative in Nigeria, Nigeria has a population of 40 million people, With millions of cars, trucks, vehicles, Okada, tricycles, that currently commute the Nigerian road depending hourly on petroleum, with millions of generators, leister, and other petroleum driven machine which must be powered almost 80% of each day and each month as individuals, families, hospitals, schools, private and government establishments rely on generators for power and this generator no matter what the type depend solemnly on oil products ( either PMS, AGO) following the inconsistent of power, mostly every one depends most of the time on the generator and another power supply system and all this system is gas-powered and this gas is constantly purchased from filling station.

Research shows that more than 40 million liters of petroleum is consumed daily in Nigeria and these liters are obtained/purchased from gas stations across Nigeria.

What is a Gas Station?

A gas station/filling station/fuel station is a place where petroleum products either DPK meaning dual-purpose kerosene, PMS meaning premium motor spirit, or fuel, AGO meaning automated gasoline oil of diesel. Lubricants, engine oils, etc are retailed or sold to consumers/users (motorists)

Okay, I assume you now get how lucrative this business is no wonder why all the richer/ bigger players in Nigeria are directly or indirectly involved in the oil sector and own their own filling station

The business of a gas station/filling station is among other this

A profit guaranteed business (100%)
· A worthwhile/tangible investment and asset
· A world dependent business
· A business having a readily available market
· A business with high profit
How can you start and make money

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