What Happens When You Stop Alcohol?

Do you want to know what happens when you stop Alcohol intake? In this post, we will educate you on the negative effects of alcohol consumption on your body.

This is an ideal month to eliminate from our lives a habit as harmful as drinking alcohol on a regular basis. Even if you drink wine or a beer in a specific celebration, if you are one of those who drink regularly and you reduce its consumption to a maximum, you will soon begin to notice a lot of changes in your life and in your body. 


1. Your appetite decreases

Regular alcohol consumption increases the activity of the hypothalamus, which causes an increase in appetite. Therefore, by reducing the intake, we will be reducing that overstimulation in the hypothalamus and, therefore the feeling of constant hunger that alcohol often generates. Thus, you will not only be improving your health by reducing this harmful habit, but you will also be minimizing the likelihood of ending up consuming insane foods that accompany the beer or the glass of wine.

2. Your skin improves

Alcohol is a diuretic, and also contains a lot of sugar. Both elements contribute to irritating the skin, so by eliminating them from your diet, you will notice in a very short time how your skin is healthier, more uniform and beautiful.

3. You sleep more and better

Drinking, especially if you do it at night before going to sleep, causes sleep disturbances due to the increase in alpha waves that it causes in the brain. Surely you have noticed that when you drink you sleep worse, right? Well, now you know the reason!

4. You save

Drinking can be an expensive habit to maintain, especially in the long term, so quitting alcohol can be a very good way to save and then invest that money, on a trip, on new clothes or on giving yourself a nice treat.

5. You lose weight more easily

Eliminating alcohol from your daily diet can reduce the total amount consumed per day by up to 400 calories, which together with the previous appetite reduction effect will help you lose a few pounds if you have enough leftovers.

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Now that you know what happens when you stop alcohol, we believe there will be a decrease in the intake or better final quit of alcohol.


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