Tips to Reduce Sugar Consumption – Must Read

Tips to reduce sugar consumption

In today’s article, we will give you some helpful tips to reduce sugar consumption. On average, a person can possibly consume more than double the recommended daily amount of sugar and the worse is, he or she might not even be aware of it, not strange; we all do this every day.

Tips to reduce sugar consumption

The following are the tips needed for you to reduce your daily consumption of sugar; 

1. Sweeteners are not the answer

The sweeteners can incorporate into our diet a more healthy amount of all elements because they are composed entirely of artificial ingredients that do not provide any benefit to our food.

2. Beware of sugar in drinks

Soft drinks or juicy drinks usually have a very high amount of sugar, and being liquid, we do not realize the grams of sugar we are consuming. To give you an idea, a cola can have up to 17 tablespoons of sugar. And you usually drink several in one day!

3. Avoid sweets and industrial pastries

Cakes, cookies, and muffins have very large amounts of sugar and, although it is quite a clear advice, avoiding them will not only help you reduce your sugar intake but also maintain a healthier diet.

4. Be careful what you eat away from home

Although at first, it may seem to you that you are opting for a healthy dish, such as a salad, for example, you have to look carefully at the ingredients to not end up consuming more sugar from the account. The sauces that many salads include can contain many unhealthy ingredients (including sugar) and end up ruining your intention to eat healthily.

5. Reduce the amounts little by little

Leaving sugar completely overnight may become a difficult task, as our palate is stunted by so many years of indiscriminate consumption of sugar. However, we can gradually reduce the amount we add to coffee, for example, to get used to our palate again to the flavors of real food.

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