Best Hair Growth Creams & Oils in Nigeria

There are many hair growth cream and oil that promises to be effective and give shining long hair. Although, not all live up to its claims, as many of them turn out to be fake.

Are you looking for fast hair growth oil and cream for your hair? This article contains the list of the best hair growth creams and oil in Nigeria.

Top Best Hair Growth Creams and Oils in Nigeria

In no order of priority, below is the list of the best hair growth creams in Nigeria with their benefits.

1. Hair Booster

This is one of the most common hair growth creams in Nigeria. The Natural hair growth cream is made of different herbs and oil which helps in supplying necessary hair nutrients for growth. Thus, it is effective in preventing stunted hair growth as well as repairing breakages.

Hair Booster by First Class Lady also helps in combating dandruff, relieves scalp itching, and many other hair problems. As said earlier, it is quite popular and you can get it from most beauty shops in Nigeria.

2. Hair Fertilizer

Virgin Hair Fertilizer is another best hair cream for hair growth that you can make use. The hair growth cream comes in tubes and it is quite popular among females.

Apart from preventing hair damage and boosting hair growth, its Peppermint and Metholated nature help to fight against dandruff. Virgin Hair Fertilizer is made from a mixture of Petroleum Jelly, Lanolin, Shea Butter, Herbal Extracts, and Fragrance.

3. Hair Wonder

Hair Wonder by El-Glittas is also one of the best hair growth creams for different types of hair. Whether stunted hair, grey, or breaking hair, El-Glittas Hair wonder can correct all.

The most amazing thing about this hair cream is that it can be used by many for hair growth whether male, female, adult, or child. Do you want dark long hair? El-Glittas Hair wonder is the best hair growth cream you should think of.

Some of its ingredients include Peppermint, Ginger, Garlic, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor oil, Sunflower Oil, Curry Leaf Powder, Olive Oil, Moringa Oleifera, Aloe Vera, and so on.

4. Kuza 100% Indian Hemp

It is no more a secret among the females that Indian Hemp is used to achieve long and shining hair. Kuza 100% Indian Hemp is made from natural Shea butter, Indian Hemp, oils, and other materials.

The hair growth creams help to prevent breakages and give long shining soft hair when used.

5. Andrea Essence Oil

Are you looking for the best hair growth oil for your hair? Andrea Hair Growth Essence Oil is one of the best hair growth oils in Nigeria. Apart from being a hair booster, it strengthens the hair strands and prevents scalp itching or damage.

Andrea Essence Oil is a natural hair growth cream made from ginger, grape seed oil, fleece flower roots, and ginseng. Check out How to Take Care of Your Hair at Home

6. Just For Me Hair Cream

Ever heard of Just For Me hair growth cream? It is one of the best natural hair creams for hair growth in Nigeria. The cream contains many nutrients necessary for healthy and long hair growth.

Thus, it is used by many in preventing stunted growth and breakages. Just For Me Hair Growth cream is not only a natural hair nutrients supplement, but it is also a good moisturizer. Hence, it is suitable and safe for dry hair.

Some of its ingredients include Mineral Oil, Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil Lilial, Alpha Isomethyl Ionone, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera extracts, Petrolatum, Ceresin, Coconut Milk, Vitamin E, and so on.

7. Hair Now Now

Unlike many best hair growth creams and oils on our list, Hair Now Now is mostly used by males to aid their beard growth. Although it can be used by both males and females for hair growth.

As the name implies, it is one of the best hair growth oil in Nigeria that works at a faster rate. The natural hair growth cream is made from hemp seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, grape seed oil, pure jojoba oil, vitamin e oil, and virgin argan oil.

8. Cantu Shea Butter

This is another natural hair growth cream in Nigeria that comes with quality texture and a good scent. It doubles as both curling and hair growth creams when used.

Not only that, Cantu Shea Butter is capable of producing soft, shining, long hair within a short time. It is also suitable for different types of hair especially dry hairs as it contains moisturizer. Cantu Shea Butter is readily available in numerous stores in different sizes and packages.

9. Kui Tea Tree and Cinnamon Cream

The list of best hair growth creams in Nigeria won’t be completed without mentioning Kui Tea Tree and Cinnamon hair growth creams. This hair cream is produced by an indigenous beauty company, Nineteen Eighty-Eight teams.

Kui Tea Tree and Cinnamon are popular for the nutritive contents it contains. Some of these include Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, and Vitamin F which are highly important in the healthy growth of the hair.

It is a mixture of Glycerin, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Shea Butter, and Aloe vera. Some other quality products from the brand include Shampoo and Conditioner which can be combined for the best results.

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What is the Best Hair Growth Cream in Nigeria?

There are many other hair growth creams and oils in Nigeria that serves different purposes. The above-mentioned creams have been tested and reviewed by many users who find them useful. You can get any of these creams from Konga, Jumia, Jiji.

If you are looking for the best hair growth cream in Nigeria, we advise you to go through the article and pick your choice. What other best hair growth creams in Nigeria do you think we missed? Share your thoughts with us via the comment section.