Seychelles Visa for Nigerians – Applications and Requirements

Are you curious about how to get a Seychelles Visa for Nigerians? This is a complete guide on Seychelles Visa-free for Nigerians and the application requirements.

Want to travel to Seychelles from Nigeria? Read this article to the end to learn how to get Seychelles Visa from Nigeria.

About Seychelles Visa-Free for Nigerians

Seychelles is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa with wide attractive beaches and Islands. The African country which is located on the Indian Ocean is bounded by Kenya to the east and Madagascar to the Northeast.

As a result of its numerous attractions including beautiful arts, pure beaches, colorful carnivals, dishes, and lives, Seychelles attracts many visitors worldwide including Nigerians. Fortunately, Seychelles is one of the Visa-free countries for Nigerian passport holders. This implies that you can travel to Seychelles without applying for a visa as long as you are with your passport.

This is in line with the standing visa abolition agreement by the two countries. Hence you can travel to Seychelles without a Visa and stay for 30 days. Although, you will need to obtain a visitors permit for the period of your stay.

Types of Seychelles Visa for Nigerians

Apart from Seychelles being a visa-free country for Nigerians, there are other various types of visas Nigerians can apply for. Depending on your purpose of traveling, below are the different types of Seychelles Visa for Nigerians.

1. Visitors Permit

This is also known as Seychelles Visa-free for Nigerians. It is for individuals who wish to travel to Seychelles within 30 days for tourism, visiting friends and family among other exciting reasons.

2. Student Visa

Seychelles also gives students who are offered admission by schools in the country a visa. Student visas usually extend to the duration of the student’s course as well as the school.

3. Tourist Visa

This is a Visa given to Nigerian citizens and other travelers to visit Seychelles for a short period. It is usually to explore and for pleasure. No business activities are allowed for such visas.

4. Transit Visa

This is a 3 days visa for travelers or resident who needs to pass across Seychelles or transfer goods across the country’s Port.

5. Business Visa

As the name implies, this type of Visa is given to Nigerian citizens and other travelers for a short stay in Seychelles while performing an intended business.

6. Work Permit

If you are planning to work in Seychelles, this type of Visa or permit is for you. You may need to present evidence of employment and sufficient proof of funds for the duration of your stay before the Visa can be approved. It is usually valid for more than a year.

Apart from all these, there are many other types of Seychellois visas you can request depending on the purpose of traveling. You can request a parent visa, spousal visa, temporary worker visa and so many more.

Seychelles Visa-Free Application Requirements for Nigerians

As mentioned earlier, Nigerians can travel without a Visa to Seychelles for 30 days. All that is needed is to get a visitor Permit with your Nigerian passport. Below is the list of requirements to get a Seychelles Visa-free or permit for Nigerians.

  • A valid Nigerian passport with enough blank pages for a stamp
  • A copy of the return ticket. You can get one in Seychelles if you do not have one.
  • Proof of funds or money to sustain your visit
  • Evidence of an accommodation with the contact address.

Note: Seychelles Visa application requirements for Nigerians may differ from the above depending on the type of visa you’re applying for. For instance, you may be required to present your admission letter for a Student Visa and so on.

Final Thoughts on How to Apply for Seychelles Visa from Nigeria

As discussed earlier, you do not need to apply for a Visa again in Nigeria to travel to Seychelles. All you need is a valid passport with the above-mentioned documents to apply for a traveling or visitors permit.

Applying for Seychelles Visa for Nigerians should not be difficult if you follow the above guide. We wish you a safe trip ahead.


Can a Nigerian study in Seychelles?

Yes, Seychelles offer study visa to Nigerians provided you meet the application requirements.

Can a Nigerian work in Seychelles?

There is a work permit and visa for Nigerians who are willing to work in Seychelles. You can visit the Visa embassy in Abuja to start your application.

How do I get Visa for Seychelles from Nigeria?

You can visit the Visa embassy in Abuja to get Seychelles Visa from Nigeria provided you are staying for a long time. If not, a valid Nigeria passport guarantees a 30 days free stay in Seychelles without a Visa.

How to get Seychelles Visa-free for Nigerians?

Having a valid Nigerian passport guarantees you Seychelles Visa-free traveling from Nigeria. All you need is to provide proof of funds and accommodation with your passport and you will be granted a visitor’s permit for 30 days without a Visa.