Best Submersible Water Pumps in Nigeria and Prices

Submersible water Pumps are very much important because it makes water supply through borehole possible. Submersible water Pumps are used for offshore or inland well to pump out water or oil from wells. Submersible water pumps are mostly buried in the depth of he soil. Since water scarcity is a major problem in Nigeria, most homes and neighborhood in Nigeria source for water through drilled borehole.

 In this article, we’ll discuss the best water pumps in Nigeria and their prices. This article is very ideal for people battling with inadequate or faulty water pumps. See also:Current Prices of Water Dispensers In Nigeria 2022

Best Submersible Water Pumps in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the best water pumps are those that can send water beneath the shores effortlessly. Apart from this, water pumps should be able to withstand any condition or circumstance; i.e environmental issues. These water pumps are so ideal that they can last for several years and nothing serious would happen to them. 

Submersible water pumps come in varieties of sizes and capacities. It is pertinent to note that water pumps capacity is rated by Horse Power(HP). 

These are the best Submersible water pumps in Nigeria today:

  • Predolla
  • Granac
  • Saer
  • Baron
  • Interdab

Prices of Submersible Water Pumps in Nigeria

Submersible water pumps are sold in accordance to the brand and Horse Power. The price list of water pumps in Nigeria include the following:

Predolla Water Pump Price

The prices of Predolla water pumps are the following:

  • 3.0HP Submersible pump: N245,000 to N260,000
  • 2.0HP Submersible pump: N215,000 to N245,000

Interdab Water Pump Price:

Below is the Nigerian price of Interdab water pump:

  • 1HP Submersible pump: N50,000 to N65,000
  • 2HP Submersible pump: N95,000 to N115,000

Granac Water Pump Price:

The prices of Granac water pump include:

  • 0.5HP Submersible pump: N30,000 to N35,000.
  • 0.75HO Submersible pump: N35,000 to N40,000.
  • 1HP Submersible pump: N40,000 to N45,000

Saer Submersible Water Pump Price:

The prices include:

  • 1HP Submersible pump: N140,000 to N150,000
  • 1.5HP Submersible pump: N155,00 to N165,00.

Other Submersible water pump in the market and their prices include the following:

  • 1HP submersible pump ( Fovol): N25,000 to N30,000
  • 1HP submersible pump ( Finedab): N25,000 to N30,000
  • 1.5HP Submersible pump (OPP): N50,000 to N60,000
  • 1.5HP Submersible pump (Lolenzy): N30,000 to N100,000

Criteria to Select the Right Submersible Water Pump

To avoid making an uninformed decision, it is important you consider some important factors. This section explain the basic thing you should look out for when selecting the right pumping machine. See also:Prices of Plastic Water Reservoir Tanks in Nigeria

1. Price:

Before you conclude to buy a cheap submersible water pump, you need to ask a professional borehole engineer in which model is suitable. You should be ready to spend because the higher you spend, the higher the quality of the machine you want to purchase. Do not look at the price when buying a water pump because it is likely to hold you back. 

2. The Power Output:

Thus is also an important factor you should take note. It is unwise for you to buy a water pump because the price fits your expenditure; you must be ready to consider if the machine fits the facility you want to use it for. 

3. Repair and Spare parts:

You shouldn’t purchase a pump machine that there are no experts to help you fix it Incase of any faults. Go for a submersible water pump that so many people know about.  Also, make sure the spare parts are wolf and affordable at the market before purchasing. 

4. Borehole Depth:

This is another significant factor to consider. Experts believe that if your drilling is deep, then your pump should have sufficient power capacity. You should optfoe q pumping machine with a high power output if you have numerous outlets and water fixtures. Read also: How To Start A Pure Water Business In Nigeria 2022


With this post, now your own the best and ideal water pump to purchase as well as the prices of each of them. Also, you know the criteria you must look out for before purchasing a water pump. Hope this post is helpful?