Top 20 Scariest Bridges in The World

Though bridges are designed to securely transport us from one location to another, some should be avoided at all costs for your own safety. This article provides you with the top 10 Scariest Bridges in The World.

Previously, we’ve written on The Top Most Longest Bridges in the world and also on the Top Longest Bridges in Africa. today, we take a step further, providing you with the 20 scariest bridges in the world. enjoy.

10 Most Scariest Bridges in The World

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the world’s most ‘ouch that’s terrifying’ bridges, where crossing isn’t simply a ‘walk in the park,’ but an adrenaline-fueled journey that brings out your darkest fears.

1. The Royal Gorge Bridge in the United States

The tallest suspension bridge in the United States, at 955 feet, was completed in 1929. Surprisingly, it remained a dangerous walk for the following 50 years, and it was only when the stabilizing wires were placed that it became safe.

2. Bridge across the Sidu River in China

This steel structure, which connects Shanghai and Chongqing, has the status of being the world’s tallest bridge. It cost $100 million to construct and is the world’s most durable bridge.

3. Pakistan’s Hussaini Suspended Bridge

This is one of the world’s most dangerous bridges because of its deteriorating state. Because of the Hunza River, which flows at full force beneath this gap-filled structure, this swinging structure is not for the faint of heart.

4. The Seven Mile Bridge in the United States

The new one was designed to be technologically superior after the original one was decommissioned for lying too low in the sea, preventing any boats from passing. Although not very frightening, driving across this bridge during a hurricane may be highly dangerous.

Scariest Bridges in The World

5. Vietnam’s Monkey Bridges

Many of these monkey bridges have been constructed over the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. Even though it appears that monkeys have an easier time crossing this bridge, the indigenous utilize it to get from one corner to the other.

The issue is that you must be as skillful as the monkey and cling to every inch of wood that rises over the swamp.

6. Northern Ireland’s Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

This is most likely a suspended bridge located in one of the most beautiful spots on Earth, but it is also the scariest because many who cross it to see the beautiful island on the other side refuse to use it while returning.

This bridge has a crossing fee as well.

7. Norway’s Storseisundet Bridge

The magnificent bridge and the breathtaking Norwegian countryside give you a ‘vacation’ sensation. Walking across the Storseisundet bridge will make you feel as though you’re on a steep roller coaster precipice.

The bridge appears to drop off at one point, however, this is not the case.

8. Myanmar’s U Bein Bridge

Though it appears that the bridge is still under construction, this has always been the case and will continue to be the case. The bridge is a popular tourist destination, and people go there to watch an incredible sunset away from the city’s monotony.

9. Costa Rica’s Montenegro Rainforest Bridge

This Costa Rican bridge, located in the heart of the rainforest canopy, allows you to explore the thick and diverse jungle. But be careful; the bridge may only be missing a couple of planks, which may be enough to cause you a lot of trouble.

10. Huang Shang China’s The Bridge of Immortals

The term is perfectly deserved as you feel eternal when standing or walking on the construction, which connects two mountain passes and allows you to stand and observe from an unparalleled perspective above the sky.

The vista can be breathtaking, but the route that follows is both terrifying and enthralling, giving it the moniker “fairy walking bridge.”

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11. Japan’s EshimaOhashi Bridge

The EshimaOhashi bridge, which connects the two sides of the Japanese shore, is like a gigantic roller coaster waiting for you to ride it to the other side.

What’s more, a terrible steep with a 6.1 percent grade and a bridge that stands over 144 feet tall, if that isn’t intimidating, what is?

12. Sunshine Skyway Bridge in the United States

The former building, built-in 1987, was demolished after a large tanker crashed with a pier, killing 35 people.

The bridge, on the other hand, has a history of bringing ill-luck. 200 individuals have committed suicide by leaping from it since it was rebuilt.

13. Costa Rica’s Quepos Bridge

With large gaps and damaged boards on both sides, this bridge would have been dubbed “Bridge of Death” if locals had their way.

This is a building that may be deadly to anyone at any time.

14. Mexico’s Puente de Oujela

This bridge, which was built particularly for mining, is now in ruins and can only be utilized by people. Because vehicles and trucks may not make it to the other side if they pass through the bridge.

Scariest Bridges in The World

15. Russia’s Vitim River Bridge

This bridge, which is completely frozen for most of the year and has no side rails, has only been successfully traversed by a few persons in Russia’s history.

Despite the danger, many adrenaline addicts go from all over the world to attempt to cross the bridge.

16. Switzerland’s Mount Titlis Bridge

The Swiss Alps can be seen when crossing this bridge in Switzerland, which is built at an astounding 3,000 meters above sea level.

Every year, a large number of skiers go to this mountain pass to cross the bridge and participate in adventure sports.

17. Malaysia’s Langkawi Sky Bridge

Despite the fact that this bridge has been closed several times in the past for maintenance, it is currently fully operational and available to the general public.

This bridge, which reaches 400 feet above the earth, towers above a little holiday area in Langkawi.

18. Ghana’s Canopy Walk

This Canopy Walk in Ghana is not just for humans; monkeys, birds, and even reptiles like snakes utilize it.

This is not your typical stroll around the park, as it is suspended 40 feet above the ground.

19. Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, USA

Known as the world’s longest bridge, crossing it means bidding farewell to the land behind you.

The bridge connects Mandeville with Metairie and was built in the 1950s.

20. Deception Pass Bridge in the United States of America

When traveling in a car, the foggy bridge may not be the most terrifying, but crossing it as a pedestrian may leave you scared since you may have to gaze down over 180 feet with nothing but fog to help you in your nervous predicament.

Prior to the building of the bridge, the only way to go between Whidbey Island and Fidalgo Island was via ferry.

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There you have it, Top 20 Scariest Bridges in The World. If you’re afraid of heights, we don’t recommend hanging around on one of these bridges.