List of Top Highest Paid Paramilitary Agencies in Nigeria

Apart from the military forces, there are many top highest-paid paramilitary agencies in Nigeria. If you are interested in applying for Paramilitary jobs in Nigeria, this article is what you need. As it contains the list of the top and highest paid paramilitary agencies in Nigeria.

Paramilitary agencies are government-owned security organizations that perform similar roles to the military forces. They undergo special training and parades to understand how to perform their roles and responsibilities.

Similar to the military forces, they are allowed to carry weapons depending on duties assigned to them. They are at the forefront of fighting different crimes, settling disputes, and restoring orders. Some Paramilitary agencies also engaged in combat, arrest, and prosecute offenders.

For those asking if there is a difference between Paramilitary agencies and the military forces, they are not the same.
Although the Paramilitary agencies perform similar roles and activities, they are not part of Military Forces. Therefore, they are neither civilian nor military but government-owned security agencies.

Top Highest Paid Paramilitary Agencies in Nigeria

In no order of priority, find below the list of the top Highest-Paid Paramilitary agencies in Nigeria with their salary structure.

1. Nigerian Police Force

Many people find it confusing whether the Police Force is part of the Paramilitary agencies. Truthfully, they are one of the highest-paid Paramilitary agencies in Nigeria.

They are the chief law enforcement agency that is in charge of maintaining peace and order in society. The police force arrest and prosecutes criminals as well as for settling disputes among the citizens.

Also, the police force has an arm, Mobile Police (MOPOL) which many people confused to be part of the military forces. Their main function is to douse riots and calm civil unrest and conflicts. See the current salary structure of the Police

2. Nigerian Customs Service

The Nigerian Customs Service is also one of the highest-paid Paramilitary agencies in Nigeria. The government-owned agency is in charge of maintaining the country’s borders. They are in charge of both international and national trading whether importing or exporting.

Also, they generate revenue for the federal government while preventing the smuggling of goods in and out of the country. See the current salary structure of the Nigerian Custom Service

3. Immigration Services

Similar to the Nigerian Customs Service is another Paramilitary agency called the Nigeria Immigration Services. They act as the country’s eyes in tracking and coordinating immigration and emigration. Also, they are responsible for granting visas, residential permits, and national passports while generating revenues for the government.

The Nigeria Immigration Services which was established in 1958 can also arrest any illegal immigrant for prosecutions. See the list of international airports in Nigeria

4. National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA)

Here is another top highest paid Paramilitary agency in Nigeria that is saddled with monitoring food, drinks, and drugs. The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) was established in  1987.

Chiefly, they arrest and monitor hard drugs traffickers. Also, they monitor the production, manufacturing, and exporting of foods, drinks, and drugs to ensure safe consumption. Below are some other functions of NAFDAC

Function of NAFDAC

  • Carrying out any investigations on criminal activities related to drugs
  • Inspection of passengers going in and out of the country at airports, seaports, and borders  to prevent smuggling of hard drugs in or out of Nigeria
  • Creating awareness on the dangers of drug abuse and trafficking to the public
  • Tracing and destroying illegal planting of narcotic plants and substances
  • Prosecution of drug traffickers or offenders.

5. Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC)

The Federal Road Safety Corps was established in 1988 to maintain road safety and security. With different branches across the 36 states in the country, the agency enforces road rules and regulations on drivers and other road users.

Also, they are saddled with the safety of road users as their responsibilities include checking road infrastructures and vehicles worthiness.

Therefore, they help in minimizing road accidents while generating revenues for the governments. So, the Federal Road Safety Corps is one of the highest-paid Paramilitary agencies in Nigeria. See how to renew your FRSC license

6. Nigerian Correctional Services (NCOs)

The Nigerian Correctional Services also popularly known as the Nigerian Prison Services was established in 1861. It is one of the highest-paid Paramilitary agencies in Nigeria.

They are saddled with the welfare and custody of the jailed citizens who are sentenced in the law court for one offense or the other. See the salary structure of the Nigeria correctional services

Functions of Nigerian Correctional Services

Some of their functions include;

  • Provision of humane, safe, and secure environment or custody for inmates
  • Transporting of remand I individual to the law court
  • Providing correctional treatment methods for reformation, rehabilitation, and reintegration of the inmates
  • Providing medical, psychological, spiritual, and counseling services to inmates for behavioral modification
  • Empowering inmates through vocational skills, educations, and training

7. Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC)

Ever heard of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, it is currently one of the highest-paid Paramilitary agencies in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps were established in 2003 but its activities were upgraded in 2007.

Functions of Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC

Some of their functions include

  • Restoring and maintaining peace and order of the Country during emergencies while protecting the life of the citizens.
  • Organizing training, seminars, and workshops for private guard companies
  • Maintenance and Protection of government properties, companies, infrastructures, sites, and projects whether Local, State, or Federal Government
  • Preventing any act of terrorism by investigating and monitoring the public

8. Nigerian Federal Fire Services

Unlike many other top highest-paid Paramilitary agencies in Nigeria, the Nigerian Federal Fire Services is not known by many. The government-owned agency which is formerly known as the Police Brigade was established in 1901 as a unit under the Police Force.

Their main role is to douse fire outbreaks thereby saving properties and lives. They are also responsible for creating awareness to the public on safety, fire fighting, and prevention.

Highest Paid Paramilitary Agencies in Nigeria

The above-listed agencies are known to be rewarded substantially by the government for their services to the public. Although to secure a paramilitary job with any of these highest paid paramilitary agencies may be competitive. It is highly rewarding once you are employed.