Dangers Of Winding Up Car Glasses In Traffic – Doctor Advices

Car Glasses

9jatoday understands that winding up car glasses in traffic by Nigerians, most especially on a dusty road, environment, has become a normal thing.

However, the practice has been condemned by a Nigeria Medical personal, though with his reasons and guide.

The Medical Doctor, who took to his social media handle (@aproko_doctor), noted that should any person wind up his or her car glasses in traffic without turning on the AC, the fumes in the car will kill such a person, he said.

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This media platform understands that the doctor who also is an influencer on Twitter stated categorically that the practice is not good at all. @aproko_doctor, who has been noticed with his usual posts on his handle discloses that advises Nigerians who often find themselves in heavy traffic, to avoid winding up their windows.

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It was reported that he had given the advice following a photo seen online showing a heavy traffic scene in an undisclosed part of Lagos Nigeria.

This made the medical doctor to take to his twitter handle to say: “People wind up their windows in cars not realizing that the air pollution inside cars is worse than the one outside especially in traffic Air pollution is about 9 to 12 times higher inside cars than outside, and your kids are at risk, it damages their lungs and affects learning”

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“Most times the car has the AC on, just sucking the exhaust coming out of the danfo or lorry in front of them straight into the car. We don’t take air pollution seriously in this part of the world. Air pollution is even responsible for some cases of cancers.”

“Imagine the average Lagosian, working hard hours, stressed and then spending 5 hours daily on the road breathing in toxic fumes. You wonder why we don’t live as long as our ancestors as many people claim. Take your health seriously, be conscious about these things. What should you do? In this case, it’s not just you alone, reducing the amount of cars on the road will help. You don’t have to take the car everywhere if you can walk to that place, if you’re standing at a crowded junction, use a face mask. Don’t exercise in polluted areas If you are in a traffic jam, and use the AC, use the option of recycling the air inside till you’re in the clear. This might help reduce the amount of toxic fumes you are being exposed to. Retweet the thread so others can learn. Thank you”

He added, “Addition: If you’re stuck in traffic longer than 15 minutes, I suggest you turn off the circulation for some time. Leaving it on for too long can increase the carbon dioxide in the car and lead to drowsiness and poor decisions.”



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