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How to Create a Folder On iPhone

If you buy a new iPhone and are wondering how to make a folder on iPhone then this article is going to crack the deal for you. To limit the mess and clutter your iPhone’s home screen rather than creating folders is the right way to clear them.  Not only does it make use of different

4 Solutions to Clear Cache On iPhone And iPad

Knowing how to Clear Cache on iPhone and iPad will help you make your device function faster. In subsequent paragraphs, you will learn how to clear memory on your iPhone and optimize your iOS device to perform faster. Apple devices running iOS have a lot to offer to a user. Apps running on such devices collect

Samsung Phone Stuck In Odin Mode [Resolved]

Samsung Phone Stuck in Odin Mode– Odin Mode is only visible on Samsung devices and is therefore known as Samsung Odin Mode. Odin is software used by Samsung to flash his devices and to introduce new and custom ROMs and firmware.  Many users enter Odin mode on their Samsung phones to flash it and others experience

Samsung S5 Will Not Turn On [Resolved]

Samsung Galaxy S5 is a great smartphone for its various features and durable hardware. The people who provide the guarantee for its reliability and user-friendly interface. However, they also say “sometimes my Galaxy S5 does not turn on and stays stuck on a black screen”.  Samsung S5 does not turn on is not a rare problem and