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Top 10 Biggest Football Clubs in the World ([year])

Football is unarguably the most followed sport in the world. The round leather game originated in England and has spread to virtually every country in the world. The sport has diversified into international and club-level games. Today, there are countless football clubs in every country around the world and we will be picking the Top

Top 10 Best Football Leagues in the World ([year])

Today we’ll be discussing the Top Best Football Leagues in the World. As you know, football is the most popular sport in the world and it is played in every country. One of the best aspects of football is the club-level game. Each country has its domestic league with several football clubs competing against each

Top 10 Highest Paid Chelsea Players

This article centers on the highest-paid Chelsea Players. Chelsea was created in 1905 and the club’s home ground since then has been Stamford Bridge. Chelsea won its first divisional title in 2003. Also, the Russian club was purchased by the Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovic. Since then Chelsea won eighteen home games under Abramovic.  Top 10

10 Best Football Predictions Websites

Football Predictions Websites in Nigeria have come to stay. Some people believe solely in it while others believe it’s meant for irresponsible people. In this present time, football predictions websites cut across all ages, and as such, many believe it as a means of getting rich faster.  These predictions websites have correct information waiting for

Highest Paid Footballers In Italian Serie A – Top 14

Every year we update you with the highest-paid Italian Serie A players showing the advantage each of the footballers has over others. Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest-paid player in Italian football, according to a list released by various sports portals. Cristiano Ronaldo receives a salary almost three times higher than the second-placed in the list

Top 10 Most Popular Sports In The World

What are the most popular sports in the world? The joy that sport brings is proof of the positive effect on the lives of those who play sports. In times of war, the sport was responsible for bringing joy to the sad faces in the affected regions. On this occasion, the countries involved in the