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Top 10 Most Popular Museums in Nigeria

There are over 40 registered and recognized museums across Nigeria. Below we provide the Top 10 Most Popular Museums in Nigeria. The first of which was founded in 1945 when Baragbon, a brave hunter jammed the largest and oldest artifact in Esie, Kwara State. These museums contain several historical items, artifacts, the slave trade, civil

Most Religious Countries In The World

What are the most religious countries in the world? While it may seem that the world is becoming less and less religious with each generation that passes in the age of globalization, statistics reveal that this may not actually be the case. According to the WIN / Gallup International Poll, the most cited study on

Nigeria Coat of Arms: Symbols, Meaning, and Seals

The Nigeria coat of arms is an official symbol of national unity, power, and authority; It is an essential emblem for every citizen of Nigeria. However, it was designed by Mr. Taiwo Akinkunmi and officially adopted into the Nigerian constitution on May 20, 1975, which is a few years after Nigeria got her independence. The Nigerian constitution

Amazing Facts Job Seekers Should Know

Do you plan to drop your resume at that reputable company? Are you seeking a job but don’t know what the future holds for you? If yes, then you should consider the following important Facts Job Seekers Should Know. Hunting for a new job requires protocols and rules that you need to be knowledgeable about

Top Best Tablet For Kids

Children are increasingly familiar with technology, we cannot deny that tablets for children are great tools for learning and development. But after all which is the best tablet for kids to buy? What to consider when buying? Thinking about it, we brought you several tips and considerations to help you in this research on the best tablet

Educational Institutions Affiliated To Nigerian Universities

This page contains a complete list of educational institutions in Nigeria that are connected with NUC-approved universities. Colleges of education, seminaries, theology schools, and other degree-granting academic institutions are some of the tertiary education institutions connected with the universities on this list. Educational Institutions Affiliated To Nigerian Universities It’s possible that some people have told

Centre for Management Development: Things to Know

The Nigerian Council for Management Development (NCMD) founded the Centre for Management Development (CMD) in 1973 as the operational arm of the Nigerian Council for Management Development (NCMD). CENTRE FOR MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT This resource organization is charged with regulating standards, developing managerial professionals for the country, and providing a wide variety of skills to improve

Top 10 Countries With The Most Nobel Prizes

Do you know the Countries With The Most Nobel Prizes? The Nobel Prize since its institution in 1900, has already been awarded to 876 personalities from the 5 prize segments: physics, medicine, literature, chemistry, economics, and in efforts for peace. And in this selection are the 10 countries with the most Nobel prizes. The history