10 Best Tribes to Marry a Wife in Nigeria ([year])

The best tribes to marry a wife in Nigeria are discussed in this article. Numerous instances of abusive homes have been recorded on the net, including husbands either assaulting, cheating on, or beating the woman up.

No lady would want to go through such a horrible and depressing story all a result of an incidental marriage. For this reason, before accepting to get married, you need to scrutinize things like your future spouse’s background, some family history, and tribe identity.

Research records that culture, traditions, and the social norms of a people greatly influence how they behave. For example, we know Igbo people as those that have a close drive for money and that you have to be careful when dealing with an Igbo man, especially if money is involved. Just so, many other tribes have their unique attributes.

Every tribe in Nigeria has unique characteristics that may draw the people together or away from one another when it comes to marriage. In this article, we will focus on giving you the 10 Best Tribes to marry a wife in Nigeria; in other words, ‘Tribes where you have higher chances of being treated well by your husband in marriage.

Nigeria has about 250 ethnic groups with Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba as the major 3. These ethnic groups contain 371 tribes. The multi-tribalism feature of Nigeria can be challenging, especially when different tribes start to exhibit their distinct cultures, dialects, etc.

Like the common saying, “One man’s food is another man’s poison”, one tribe’s culture may not suit the other tribe’s ideology, belief, or culture.

The 10 Best Tribes to Marry a Wife in Nigeria Include:

Best Tribes to Marry a Wife in Nigeria
Best Tribes to Marry a Wife in Nigeria


Igbos are people from the southeastern part of Nigeria; Enugu, Imo, Anambra, Abia, and Ebonyi states – often referred as to the Igbo Speaking States in Nigeria. This tribe is among the best tribes to marry a wife in Nigeria because;

  • Their men are loving and caring for their family
  • Most of them are naturally handsome both physically and in the pocket(rich)
  • Some Igbo men are known to be good cooks. Igbos have varieties of local meals like Oha soup, bitter leaf soup, vegetable soup, Ofe Owerri, Nkwobi, roasted yam, etc and you will fall in love with any Igbo man that knows how to prepare these.
  • Igbo men are protective and would sacrifice anything to keep their wives and family.
  • They are highly educated
  • They are hardworking
  • Some of their men look out for the welfare of other relations like their father/mother-in-law, sisters, etc.


Yorubas are people from the southwestern part of Nigeria; Lagos, Osun, Ogun, etc. (Read our article on the Yoruba States in Nigeria). Yoruba men are considered to be one of the best tribes to marry a wife in Nigeria because:

  • They are intelligent
  • They are romantic
  • They value and practice their culture
  • They are kind and protective of their family

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Igala tribe is also one of the tribes to marry a wife. They are people from Kogi state. The men of the tribe are considered because:

  • They are very caring and protective of their wife and family
  • They are hardworking and religious and always trust God
  • They value and practice their culture, and will teach their children to do so

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These are people from Akwa Ibom State. Anang tribe is also considered to be one of the best tribes to marry a wife because:

  • Their men are handsome and hardworking.
  • They love and care for their family


Eket tribe is also found in Akwa Ibom State and is one of the best tribes to marry a wife in Nigeria because:

  • They are very romantic and know how to satisfy their wife sexually.
  • They show extreme care for their wife, children, and even extended family members.
  • They are hardworking and fend for their family’s needs.


The Isekiri tribe is found in Delta state.

  • Their men are multi-skilled and hardworking.
  • They are very supportive of the family.
  • They are loving and caring.

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These are people found in Cross River State. They are noted as one of the best tribes to marry a wife because:

  • Their men are handsome and hardworking
  • They are very romantic
  • They love and care for their family


The tribe is renowned for its rich history and tradition, and members effortlessly raise their children to follow social norms. Efik tribe is considered one of the best tribes to marry a wife because:

  • Their men are romantic and know how to keep their homes.
  • They have very industrious and hardworking men.
  • They are very loving and caring to their wife.
  • Their men make good and supportive husbands.

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Abua tribe are people found in Rivers State southeast of Nigeria. They are among the best tribes to marry a wife because they have almost all the attributes of the Igbo tribe too.


This tribe is found in Adamawa State. Kilba tribe is one of the best tribes to marry a wife because:

  • They have loving and caring men.
  • They have hardworking men.
  • They value and protect family

Marriage is a delightful thing when you are with the right person. Regardless of whether you marry an Igbo or Yoruba man, you must as well be committed and willing to make sacrifices in order for your marriage to work.

It is mostly advised that one should marry someone from their tribe. Nonetheless, some strong-willed parents do everything possible to prevent their daughter from marrying outside their tribe and the reason for this is not far-fetched; out of the fear of whether or not their daughter will be treated well in this other tribe.

However, you can still decide to marry someone who is not from your tribe and that is perfectly okay. The most important thing is to go where love and understanding call. While it is true that general tribe attributes influence their people’s characters, it is not always so because some forward-thinking persons with negative tribe history could decide to stand out, and work on their personality.

Therefore, you should be more concerned about who your partner is rather than assuming him to be like his tribe because you can still find genuine men even in the midst of an unpleasant tribe.

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