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Top 10 Countries With The Most Nobel Prizes

Do you know the Countries With The Most Nobel Prizes? The Nobel Prize since its institution in 1900, has already been awarded to 876 personalities from the 5 prize segments: physics, medicine, literature, chemistry, economics, and in efforts for peace. And in this selection are the 10 countries with the most Nobel prizes. The history

The 15 Greatest Writers Of All Time: Meet Them

9jatoday conducted a survey with the objective of discovering who the greatest writers of all time are, according to readers, the greatest authors in the history of literature all times have been collected and listed in this article. The consultation was made with employees, subscribers – from the newsletter -, and followers of the magazine’s

Discover The 10 Best-selling Books Of All Time

Do you care to know the best-selling books of all time? You must have thought “The Bible” is the best-selling book right?. It is, but the truth is that many of the books considered to be the most sold by common sense do not have reliable numbers, especially in the case of religious or ideological

The Major Functions Of Judiciary In Nigeria

Functions Of Judiciary In Nigeria! It’s without a doubt that the judiciary is the third arm of government in Nigeria and as such, it has an oversight function over the other arms. What then is Nigeria’s judiciary system? Nigeria’s judiciary system is a system of the court that provides the measures used in dispute resolution

Tacha Visits Secondary School, Donates Sanitary Pads

Tacha, Former housemate and disqualified participant in the last Big Brother Nigeria, well known as BBNaija reality show edition, Natacha Akide, has initiated a program tagged ‘Pad for Every Girl’ (PEG). 9jatoday understands that the Port-Harcourt first daughter, as loves to be hyped, also known as Tacha has taken her new project to her home

How To Start A Tutoring Business From Home

Are you looking for cool information on the tutoring business? Do you have a passion for teaching people, is tutoring what you know best? Do you wish to start a tutoring business and don’t know how to track in? If yes is the answer to those questions, be glad you are here because I’m going