List Of Top 10 Nigerian Foods With Their Ingredients

Various Nigerian foods come with different tastes, delicacies, and soups. There are many types and lists of Nigerian foods cutting across different states and ethnic groups.

Looking for good homemade and well-cooked food? Try any of the following Nigerian foodstuffs on our list of foods in Nigeria. Rather than going for junks with a lot of negative side effects, you can choose to eat any of the food on our list of foods in Nigeria.

Below are the top 10 list of Nigerian foods with their ingredients that are easy to make and delicious.

Top 10 Nigerian Foods With Their Ingredients

Get ready to learn more about different delicacies and popular staples of the Nigerian foods list available below.

1. Nigerian Jollof Rice


Have you ever heard of Nigerian Jollof Rice? It’s one of the most popular on our top 10 list of Nigerian foods.

Below are the ingredients used to Prepare Nigerian Jollof Rice;


Rice, chicken/beef/meat(depending on you), spices including Curry, Thyme, Delice, or even Nutmeg, a cup of crayfish, ground tomatoes with peppers, Maggi, onions, groundnut oil, and salt to taste.

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2. Ewa Agoyin

Ewa Agoyin (Nigerian food)
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This is another delicious Nigerian food. You can eat Ewa Agoyin literally means Mashed Beans in the English language. It’s common among the Yorubas even though it’s enjoyed by many in Nigerian today.

The Nigerian dishes can be eaten with Potatoes, Yam, or even Bread. Below is the list of ingredients needed to cook Ewa Agoyin


Beans(Red), fresh tomatoes, palm oil, onion, Dried Red and Habanero pepper, dried red bell peppers, Maggi and Salt.

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3. Edika Ikong Soup

Edika Ikong Soup – One of the popular Nigerian foods
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One of the famous Nigerian soups is Edika Ikong soup. The vegetable soup is mostly eaten by the Akwa-Ibom and Cross River people(especially the Efik-Ibibios tribe). Chiefly found ingredients in Nigerian delicacies and soup are Periwinkles and crayfish and even stock fish depending on your taste.


Waterleaf, pumpkin (Ugwu leaf),  Periwinkles, Meat, Stockfish, Dried fish or roasted fish, ground crayfish, palm oil, Pepper, onions, Maggi, and salt.

4. Ikokore

Ikokore (One of the popular Nigerian foods)
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Ikokore is another popular Nigerian food on our list. The pottage is mostly eaten by the Ijebu who uses grated water yam among many ingredients.


Grated water yam, smoked fish, assorted meats, palm oil, pepper

5. Akara


Akara is another Nigerian dish and delicacy. Yoruba called it Akara while the Hausa refers to it as Kosai. It’s gotten by frying a ground bean paste with groundnut or palm oil.

The Nigerian snack can be eaten alone or with bread and even pap. It’s easy and fast to make.


Beans(White/Red), pepper, salt, onion, and groundnut oil/ Palm oil.

6. MoinMoin/Moi Moi (Beans Pudding)

MoinMoin is the 6th Nigerian delicacy on our list of Nigerian food. Moin Moin like Akara can be eaten alone, with Pap or even bread. Some also go as far as eating it as a side dish with Jollof rice.

The Yoruba people made moin moin in many different styles either in Nylon, wrapped with Leaves or even in a tin. See the classes of food that MoinMoin belongs to


Beans, onions and pepper, fish/beef/liver meat, Eggs, vegetable oil/ Palm oil, Maggi, and Salt.

7. Ogbono Soup

Ogbono Soup (One of the popular Nigerian foods)
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Ogbono Soup is on the top list of Nigerian soups. It’s mostly eaten by the Igbo even though many towns and groups have taken likeness to the soup. It’s a draw soup eaten mostly with morsels of food(swallows) like fufu, amala, Eba, and so on.


Ogbono Seeds, Pumpkin leaves(Ugwu)/ bitter leaves, Vegetables like Spinach, Meat(Liver), Dried and Stock Fish, dried pepper, onion, Maggi, and salt.

8. Banga Soup

Banga soup like every other Nigerian Soup is consumed with morsels of food including Eba, Akpu, Usi, and others. It’s mostly eaten by many tribes especially the Urhobos and Isokos who refers to it as oghwo and izuwo ibiedi respectively.

It’s made from palm fruit oil extracts and where its name comes from Banga meaning Palm fruit.


Palm fruit oil extract(not the same as Palm oil), Banga spice, Vegetables like Beletete leaves, Oburunbebe stick, catfish/assorted meat, shrimps and prawns, blended scotch bonnet, dried cod (Panla), Maggi, and salt to taste.

9. Afang Soup


Another top exclusive Nigerian soup is common among the Efik. With many of its nutritious ingredients, you are in for a delicious treat. Check out its ingredients below


Afang/Ukazi/Okazi leaves, Waterleaf, Spinach, Crayfish, assorted meats, periwinkles, stockfish, palm oil, pepper, Maggi, and salt.

10. Okra Soup

Okro Soup
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Okra Soup like Banga Soup is a draw soup even though it’s eaten among the Yoruba this time around. It can go with any morsel of food(swallows) ranging from Eba to Amala, to fufu/ Akpu, and even starch.


Okra, Waterleaf, or any other vegetables of your choice, Onions, Palm oil, Ponmo, Pepper,  Maggi, and salt.

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Final Thoughts on the list of Nigerian Food

There are many other lists of good foodstuffs in Nigeria ranging from pepper soup to pounded yam to Tuwo to other delicacies.

You can enjoy any of the food on our list of foods in Nigeria by trying it out. What other Nigerian food do you think should be among the best?