Top Best Tablet For Kids

Children are increasingly familiar with technology, we cannot deny that tablets for children are great tools for learning and development. But after all which is the best tablet for kids to buy? What to consider when buying?

Thinking about it, we brought you several tips and considerations to help you in this research on the best tablet for kids and also to ensure the best purchase and good moments of fun and learning with your little one.

Today, several educational institutions and professionals recommend the use of this equipment, taking into account the ideal model, resources, and of course, always with the proper supervision of a responsible person.

Best Tablet for Kids: Buying Guide

 Best Tablet For Kids
Buying a children’s tablet helps a child’s development and learning

We will indicate the most important topics to be analyzed when deciding which is the best infant tablet for your child, as a brief description for each one of them.

Strength and layout

There are models of children’s tablets that are coated with rubbers or silicones and also have drop-resistant covers or cases as an additional resistance item.

Their screens are break-proof, ensuring the safety and durability of the equipment, so children and dads can play without worrying about possible falls or scratches!

It also has models, which have a 2-year warranty against defects due to falls.


Without a doubt, the most important and essential item in choosing the ideal model of a tablet these days is security. Known as parental control, through applications and equipment settings, the tablet is safe for children when it comes to content.

Parental control allows parents to monitor, block or restrict content according to the child’s age, or even that it may be inappropriate or cause threats and bullying.

There is also the possibility in some models, the limitation of the time of use of the equipment through passwords.

If several children share the same tablet, consider choosing one that allows the creation of a profile for each one of them, thus, with the appropriate customization for each age, it is easier to monitor.


To support graphics, games, and applications without crashing or running out of storage space, it is necessary to pay attention to the settings and features of the tablet such as storage, resolution processor, operating system, and battery, and this is what we will give a brief explanation:

Screen x resolution

The tablets available on the market are 7, 8, and 10 inches in landscape format, while the Ipad screen has the most square format.

So the choice of size is according to your need. Regarding the resolution, the higher, the better your quality in playing videos and games, prefer the tablets in which the resolution supports HD.


For those interested in models that have a camera to take photos and videos, the tablet cameras do not have great professional quality, even the most modern models of the Ipad.

For better resolution in photos or video calls, we recommend choosing a product with two cameras – the front and the rear.

The higher the resolution of the camera, the better the quality in the photo, video, and photo development.


The more applications, music, games, and videos you download, the more storage space you need. Recalling that the operating system itself already consumes a large part of the equipment’s storage space, this measured in GB ( gigabytes ).

Assuming that the more graphic resources, sound quality, and functions, the larger the size of the game, application, or file, the ideal is to choose models with greater internal storage space and the entry for memory expansion through a memory card, a micro SD. With them, it is possible to expand the capacity up to 256GB.


The processor controls all functions, and allows the opening of several applications at the same time, depending on its power, it makes the device faster without a glitch with high performance and definition.

Thus, the greater the processing power the better the performance of the device.

The quality of the touch on the screen is also linked to the quality of the processor.

Operating system

Currently, the two most widely used operating systems available on the market are: Android (tablets), and iOS, (iPad).

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The Android system is developed by Google. It allows the installation of games and applications developed for Android.

Most of these games and applications are free and easily located on Google Play, where they are downloaded directly from your tablet.

Bearing in mind that there are different versions of androids and newer tablet models have better versions resulting in better performance.

The IOS system is developed by Apple. Available on the brand’s tablets, the so-called Ipads.

Most of these games and applications are paid for, but there are many free versions easily located on the Ipad App Store.

Remember that just like android, more updated iOS versions result in better performance.


Some models have pre-installed educational games and apps that are easily accessible for both children and parents.

The applications are personalized to accompany each phase of your child, surrounded by safe and appropriate content.

Recalling that, for tablets that do not have this pre-installation, there are several games and applications, free or paid, available in the app store of the operating system developer.


The tablet is a great companion for children, not only at home but also in the car, supermarkets, restaurants, and tours in general.

Most games and applications need the internet to function and even accessories such as headphones, etc., generating the importance of observing the connectivity options before purchase.

The main connectivity items available are:

  • WI-FI – Also called wireless, connected to a wireless network.
  • 3G/4G – The speed of the connection is by contracting a data plan from an operator.
  • Bluetooth – for connecting third-party equipment such as keyboards, headphones.
  • USB – USB ports for exchanging files with the PC, or even for power supply.


To maintain durability, and facilitate transport and user ergonomics, in the case of children, there are several accessories such as covers, films, bags, and supports.

So it is essential to check if the desired model needs and is compatible with most of these accessories available on the market.

How To Choose the Best Tablets for Kids

Below, we have selected a list of three best, which for us, we consider the best tablets for children according to the evaluation criteria which we consider indispensable such as durability, quality of resources, and parental control.

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What is the Best Tablet for KIds?

And now that you know what features can interfere with performance and how to choose the best tablet for your child, check out our recommendations that are sure to help you make the best purchase.

  • Amazon Fire HD 10
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A
  • Apple iPad 9.7 inch

1. Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition

Amazon Fire HD 10
Best Tablet for Most Children

If the search is for devices that meet the needs, regardless of the age of the child, ensuring the tranquility of parents and the safety of children, the Fire HD 10 tablet is recommended!

The tablet allows parents to personalize the time of use, filter content appropriate to the child’s age all directly from an online device through the Amazon Parent Dashboard.

Super safe against falls, it also has a protective case to maximize durability, and it also has a 2-year warranty, giving parents peace of mind, and children, freedom to play.

With 32 GB of internal storage (possibility of expansion up to 256 GB), up to 10 hours of battery life for children to play, watch videos, and surf the internet.

With a 10.1 ”screen and 1920 x 1200 resolution, quality and fun are guaranteed together with Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, which brings together all types of content that children aged 3 to 12 want, with over 15,000 books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, and games.

Its camera is not super powerful, the front is VGA, and the rear + 2 MP. It cost around $149.99 to get the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition on Amazon and other online stores.


  • Large screen with good viewing
  • Good availability of content for children
  • Very good performance
  • Easy to use
  • Alexa integration


  •  Not available in some countries
  • No Google Play Store apps

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

  Best Tablet For Kids Samsung Galaxy Tab A
Best Cost-Effective Child Tablet

If the subject is the best child tablet considering the cost, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A is our best option.

This is compact, yet powerful, with a 7-inch screen, has a resolution of 1280 x 800 all with a Quad-Core 1.3GHz processor.

There are 8GB of internal storage space, but the Samsung Galaxy tablet can reach 200GB with an SD memory card.

It has the child mode function, Kids Mode 4.0 which offers parents control, allowing them to block apps and set usage times.

Parental control games and apps, educational games, and children’s entertainment can also be purchased through the Google app store with free and paid versions.

Its camera is not super powerful, but a little better than the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition, the front is VGA and the rear + 5 MP.

Undoubtedly a good option for those who want to buy their first tablet, but need to save money without losing quality and resources.

It cost around $148.99 to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab A on Amazon and other online stores.


  • Battery Life
  • Price
  • Large screen with sharp images
  • Sturdy construction
  • Reasonable camera


  •  Sound is not the best

3. iPad 9.7

 Best Tablet iPad 9.7
Top Best Tablet For Kids

The Ipad 9.7 is our indication for you who are looking for a tablet with the best performance. Its 9.7 ”screen has one of the best resolutions on the market, 2048 x 1536.

Its internal storage is 32 GB and the battery can reach up to 10 hours of use.

With the Chip A9 processor with 64-bit architecture and integrated M9 Coprocessor, its performance surprises even the most loyal iPad users

On the Ipad 9.7 system itself, you can block or limit applications and resources on the device.

It is also possible to restrict explicit content, purchases, and downloads (so as not to have unwanted purchases made by the little ones).

Also through the App Stores, you can download parental control apps, educational games, and children’s entertainment.

Your camera is the best of our nominees, the front is 1.2MP and the rear + 8 MP, ensuring videos and photos with more quality and resolution.

Without a doubt, it caters to all ages and needs, despite being the most expensive tablet we have indicated.

It is the best in all the topics we described earlier, so your investment will be worth it, you will not regret it and it will remain a good one time with your family.

It cost around $321 to get the iPad 9.7 on Amazon and other online stores.


  • Battery Life
  • Excellent performance
  • Big screen
  • Build Quality
  • Excellent Camera
  • Number of applications
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Expensive

Conclusion: What is the Best Tablet for kids?

Following our evaluation criteria, Amazon Fire HD 10 is the best tablet for kids on the market.

And now that you already know how to choose the best tablet for kids for your child, how about knowing other technology tips, we have several articles to keep you informed and always up to date.

Whenever you need to buy any technology equipment, count on us to help you make the best choice.

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