Free Business Listing Websites and Directories in Nigeria

Business listing websites or directories are used by many entrepreneurs to boost their online visibility and reputations for easy accessibility by potential customers. The amazing thing about some of these business listing websites or directories is that they are free and easy to use.

So, we have compiled the list of the top free listing sites that many Nigerian entrepreneurs are using to boost their business and brands with how you can start using it also.

Why You Should List Your Business on A Business Directory

The business directory or online listing website is a digital page where the full details of your business or company are listed. This is including names of the business, physical address, company descriptions, websites, and important information.

It helps potential customers to access your services or products easily by increasing the brand’s awareness.

Below are some other important reasons why you should list your business on any of these free business listing websites.

  • It helps to improve your brand visibility online
  • Helps to increase the level of your brand awareness to the general public
  • Drive traffic and improve your business engagement and probably sales.
  • Displaying your business on search engine increasing customers accessibility to your service and product
  • Serves as the perfect SEO strategy for businesses.

Having understood the importance of listing your business on free business listing websites. Below are the top 10 local business listing sites you can choose from.

Free Business Listing Websites for Nigerian Entrepreneurs

1. Google My Business

This is one of the most commonly used free business listing websites by entrepreneurs. It does not only help to boost your visibility on search engines like Google, Binge, and others. It also helps to increase your business engagement and sales as it is easily accessible to potential customers.

An added advantage for entrepreneurs who are using Google My Business is unrestricted use of tools like local finder, local park, and Google map. To fully maximize this online business listing site, ensure you fill in the necessary details including your business name, description, address, contacts, website, and so on.

2. Facebook Business Page

Many small business owners take advantage of the Facebook Business Page to boost their business online. The free public profile is created by registering the brand name on Facebook with logos, descriptions, addresses, and other necessary details.

With frequent updates of the business page with content, photos, and videos, the higher its probability of attracting new customers.

3. Business List Nigeria

Business List Nigeria also offers entrepreneurs the benefits of listing their businesses. With its large audience and visitors, attracting customers to the listed services and products won’t be difficult.

Fortunately, Business List Nigeria is free to register, easy to use with a stylish site interface.

4. Connect Nigeria

If attracting new customers and driving traffic for engagement sounds like what your business currently needs, we advise you to register with Connect Nigeria today. It’s one of the free local listing sites commonly used by entrepreneurs in Nigeria to attract new customers.

Irrespective of the type of business you are running, whether you are operating a restaurant, cake business, amala joint, or even a corporate office. You can list your business on Connect Niger for free publicity and easy access by potential customers who are near to you locally.

5. VConnect

When we are talking about popular e-commerce sites that offer visibility and encourage brand engagement, VConnect is one of the best. Registering your business with all the necessary details on this website puts you ahead of your competitor. It makes it easy for your brand to be noticed by your target audience.

Also, it helps in driving quality traffic to your business. A lot of professionals including local ones are making use of this website to list their services or product. You can also start today by registering on it.

6. DealDey

Like VConnect, DealDey is another e-commerce website that offers business listing services. It was launched to connect business owners with varieties of products and services to customers who are in search of such at an affordable rate.

You can also take advantage of Deal Dey today to increase your brand visibility and sales by registering on the website.

7. SME Arena

SME Arena is an indigenous search engine that connects potential buyers to business owners who make use of its business listing service.

The free listing site which was launched by Etisalat encourages different business owners to showcase their products and services. At the same time, connecting their larger audience to the listed products and services by the brand.


This is also one of the free business directories available for Nigeria entrepreneurs to list their businesses online. It also provides information needed by small businesses to make decisions about their products.

9. NGContacts

With the large volume of databases and audience held by NGContacts, it’s easy for any business that lists itself on the platform to attract its target customers.

It also provides trusted and reliable information for brands about customers’ behavior.

10. LGT Nigeria

The last on our list of business listing websites for entrepreneurs is LGT Nigeria. The indigenous free online listing site means “Let’s Go There Nigeria” in full.

LGT Nigeria helps to organize business details and descriptions using catalogs and other features in displaying products and services to their audience.


Like the premium ones, free business listing websites also do work. All you need to do is to maximize them fully by filling in all the required details of your business or company. For quick results, we advise you to also make use of your industry keywords during business descriptions.

We hope you find the list of our free business listing websites for entrepreneurs useful.