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20 Major Rivers In Nigeria And Their Locations

What are the Major Rivers In Nigeria? Where are they located? Many people believe that rivers, like veins in the human body, have a significant part in shaping the landscape. Because of their importance in everything from transportation to irrigation, rivers will continue to be a valuable natural resource for the human race for the

Legumes vs Beans: Differences Between Legumes & Beans

What are the Differences Between Legumes and Beans? Despite the fact that all beans are considered a legume, not all legumes are considered beans. Because green beans aren’t beans, this explains why they’re not. Green beans are technically legumes, not beans, due to the fact that the plant’s fruit is contained within a pod. Are

Rita Dominic Net Worth and Biography

Rita Dominic Net Worth and Biography remain a topic of interest amongst fans. Rita Dominic’s Net Worth was once the highest among Nigeria’s most wealthy actresses until she was surpassed by veteran and beautiful Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji. However, the A-list actress remains one of the country’s top ten richest Nollywood actresses today. We will

Top 10 Dictators In Africa

Dictators In Africa? yes, Dictators In Africa. Some historians say that democracy is not an African concept because of the prevalence of coups, bloodshed, and dictatorship in African leadership. Africa’s history of leadership has been rooted in conquests, dynasties, colonialism, and dictatorship, which can still be found in some African countries. Dictatorship, then, is that?

10 Countries in Africa That Speak French

Don’t be fooled into thinking that French is limited to the French-speaking western world. There are over twenty-one Countries in Africa That Speak French as their official language. Colonialism brought the language to Africa’s borders. Although French and Belgian colonial power in Africa waned in the 1950s and 1960s, the French language endured. Currently, research

Six Mistakes You Must Avoid With Church Leaders

First and foremost, building a very good relationship with your Church leaders/Pastor is paramount as a believer. There is much to benefit in doing so, it’s Biblical to honor them, care for them and also wish them well. More so, you never can tell what God can do through them to your life, now or