The 15 Greatest Writers Of All Time: Meet Them

9jatoday conducted a survey with the objective of discovering who the greatest writers of all time are, according to readers, the greatest authors in the history of literature of all times has been collected and listed in this article.

The consultation was made to employees, subscribers – from the newsletter -, and followers of the magazine’s page on Facebook and Twitter. The writers were divided into four categories, according to the number of nominations: +250, +200, +150 and +100.

Authors from different countries, mainly the United States, England and Russia, who have three writers each, were remembered. Spain, Ireland, Colombia, France, Argentina and Brazil have one author each. Among the writers whose works have been selected, only one is still alive: Cormac McCarthy, who lives in the United States with his family. Regarding age, the oldest would be Miguel de Cervantes, who was born in 1547, in Spain, and died in 1616. The youngest is McCarthy, born in 1933.

Top 15 Greatest Writers Of All Time

Writers who received more than 250 nominations

Writers who received more than 150 nominations

Writers who received more than 100 nominations


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