How To Recharge the Prepaid Electricity Meter Online, Check Meter Balance, and Others

Gone are the days when you need to visit the PHCN office before you recharge the prepaid electricity meter. Now, you can recharge your prepaid meter online in the comfort of your home without visiting anywhere.

There are many ways you can recharge the prepaid electricity meter online even if it is the first time. You can recharge with your internet-connected devices through your distribution company website, bank apps, quick teller, and even through an agent.

About Prepaid Meter Code

Prepaid Meter was introduced by the PHCN in 2006 to ensure proper monitoring of the usage of electricity. Through the prepaid meter code which is an 11-digit number, each prepaid meter can be identified, recharged, and used.

The prepaid meter code or number can be gotten by simply pressing 65 and entering the (blue) button on the meter. The 11-digit number will be readily displayed for use.

With that, recharging has been made easy and can be done from the comfort of your home. The prepaid meter is recharged by buying energy from distribution companies, agents, or online information of a recharge or pin code.

This code is later loaded with or without a smart card on the prepaid meter. Find below some of the ways you can use to recharge the prepaid electricity meter.

How to Recharge The Prepaid Electricity Meter Online With Your Phone

As mentioned earlier, you can recharge the prepaid electricity meter online with your phone through different means. Below are some of the methods used by many to load their prepaid meter in the comfort of their home.

How to Recharge The Prepaid meter Through PHCN Website

You can recharge the prepaid electricity meter online by visiting the official PHCN website and searching for your distribution company. Follow these steps to get started.

  • Visit the PHCN website to get started
  • Search for the distribution company (DISCO) providing electricity for your state eg Eko Distribution Company
  • Click on it and fill in your prepaid meter details including name, location, meter name, and so on.
  • Select an online payment method and put in your details to pay.
  • Input the OTP sent to your phone to complete your payment.
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How to Recharge Prepaid Electricity Meter Online with Quickteller

Quickteller is a digital platform that can be used to pay bills, purchase airtime, and other transactions which include recharging prepaid meters. Below are the steps to take to load your Prepaid meter using Quickteller.

  • Visit the Quickteller website to get started
  • Use the search bar to locate and click on your distribution companies.
  • Input your meter number, email address, phone number, amount, and other details where necessary.
  • Complete the process by filling in your card details for payment.
  • Input your OTP to finish the payment after which you get directed to a confirmation page.
  • Upon successful payment, a recharge pin code will be provided for use to recharge your prepaid meter.

How to Recharge the Prepaid Electricity Meter Through Mobile App

So far you know your Prepaid meter code or number, and you can recharge the prepaid electricity meter online through most banking apps. All you need to do is to follow these steps

  • Launch your bank mobile app to get started
  • Locate the Pay Electrical Bill Option and click on it.
  • Select your distribution company out of the listed companies
  • Fill in your prepaid meter code or a number and the amount you want to buy
  • Confirm the transaction by pressing your pin
  • Once successful, the recharge pin will be sent to your phone number for use.

Recharging Through

Another common way used by many to recharge the prepaid electricity meter online is through Apart from the fact that the digital platform is fast and seamless, it covers all the distribution companies in Nigeria.

Below are the steps to recharge your prepaid electricity meter online

  • Visit to get started
  • You will be required to input your phone number
  • After which you are provided a form to fill out which includes your name, state, email address, meter number, amount of electricity, and so on.
  • Fill in your card details to make a payment
  • Input the OTP sent by your bank to confirm your transactions
  • Once successful, the recharge pin will be sent to the number provided on the website.

How to Load the Prepaid Electricity Meter with Recharge Pin

After buying a recharge pin online, you need to load the prepaid meter with the pin before it will show the amount of energy bought. Below are the steps to follow to load the prepaid electricity meter when the power is off.

  • Connect the prepaid Customer Interface Unit (CIU) to a socket to charge or power it with a battery if it is off.
  • Input the recharge pin you bought online correctly and press enter to recharge
  • The unit allocated to the amount of energy bought will be loaded successfully.

How to Check Prepaid Meter Balance

Now that we have covered different ways to recharge the prepaid electricity meter online with your phone. The next step is to know how to check the Prepaid meter balance to confirm if it is successful.

Checking your meter number is quite easy and seamless. Just press 07 on your meter and press the enter button which is the blue button. It will show you your balance on the screen. Eg. 165.02.


With the above-listed methods, recharging the prepaid electricity meter online and loading the energy should not be difficult.