How To Start Biscuit Production Business

Do you love to bake? do you want to start a profitable food business today? have you considered starting a Biscuit production business? if yes then read on, if no still read on as you might just change your mind.

One common item of consumption at all levels, most commonly available product, an important product of bakery, highly consumed and patronize both by the rich and the poor, a tasty nutritious snack preferred over its alternatives because of its readiness and easy to digest characteristics and long life of preservation. The product with a huge market and earning potentials- is the product of BISCUIT.

A product found all over, highly patronized by the nursery, primary, secondary, and to some extent by university students and adults at all levels and stages of life can’t be bad business for one to invest in. having three widely consumed variant in Nigeria biscuits which are:

  • · Hard dough (sweet cabin)
    · Soft dough and
    · Cream cracker.
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Manufacturing or production of any type of this variant of the biscuit is conventional and easy, with proper machinery such as

  • · Shifter (dough shifter)
    · Mixer
    Sugar grinder
    · Moulder( for molding the biscuit into sizes)
    · Rotator cutting and puncher machine
    · Oil fried baking oven (with accessories)
    · Cooling conveyor
    · Stacking & Packaging table
    · Spraying machine
    · Trolley
    · Other laboratory equipment
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One can start production easily. Production procedure includes Flour and other ingredient mixed properly together with the addition of water are allowed for some time (a couple of hours to enhance fermentation and rising) after which its feed into trays which after cutting are placed in the oven for baking. After indispensable baking which may last for some time are brought out cooled and packed and ready for sale.

The major needed raw materials for production are flour, sugar, and oil (palm oil). Other ingredients (will be revealed) are readily available and are sourced locally.
With a mind on the million population in Nigeria with an estimated % annual increase, the number of students and individuals at large one can understand the high readily market for biscuits in Nigeria. It has an estimated consumption of 60,000 – 80,000 MT of biscuits Is consumed annually, proven the high-profit potential available for investors.

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To get started get the step-by-step video on biscuit production and eBook on the general market research on this business. Order for this now and start earning from this lucrative business of biscuit production now. Contact us


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