Social Media Recruiting Mistakes and how Avoid Them


Ever since the social media platforms, boom, they have contributed immensely to all aspects of the business with recruiting inclusive. A day cannot pass by without candidates and job seekers using the instrument of social media to search for their future employers, for this reason, recruiters have adopted social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter as an incredible recruiting medium.

But there’s more to just open an account, creating a profile, and reaching out to job seekers and candidates on social media. As a matter of fact, people do make mistakes that ended up taking a toll on their recruiting strategy because of some vital elements that ought to have been putting into consideration.

Without further ado, to be discussed below are the common mistakes people make in the course of recruiting on social media and brilliant ways to avoid them.

Mistakes #1: Posting on your Social Media page only when you have job Openings.

One of the mistakes that many social media recruiters do make is that they only post on their social media page when they are having job openings but little do they know that social media users don’t pay attention to a back burner page. So, if you have meaningful information that ought to be treated as urgent, no one will pay attention to it because.

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In fact, job seekers don’t only use social media to find relevant job opportunities, and they also want to access useful information about your company, to know more about employers, and engage with an organization that they believe might actually suit them.
So, if you only post job descriptions on your social media wall, you’ll have difficulty in building followers on social media and at the same time fail to grab your ideal candidate’s attention. Therefore, post valuable content often to build your personal and employer brand as a social media recruiter.

Mistakes #2: You only post job opportunity descriptions without mentioning your ideal candidate.

This is another common social media recruiting mistake most people made. A Jack of all trade approach is not encouraged when it comes to recruiting a candidate who will fill a vacant position on social media platforms. Your failure to describe your preference for your desired candidate will definitely backfire in a short time after recruitment.

Thus, narrow your concentration and tailor your recruiting scheme based on your ideal candidate to spare you from wasting your energy and efforts largely on an unqualified talent pool of job seekers. So, therefore, let your social media job description include important profiles like employment history, qualifications, goals, experience, age limit, and many more.

Mistakes #3: Failure to interact with the pool of talent on social media

Social engagement is very important and it is much more than just generating thousands of likes and comments on every single content you post. An ideal social media recruiting strategy demands consistent and constant interaction with the pool of talent in his circle.
But it is quite alarming that many social recruiters only log in to their social media page just to posts and log out. Social media recruiting strategy is never one-way traffic. A dull approach of a post and log out ignores the major goal of filling a void through social media which is establishing a colorful connection with your audience.

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So to avoid this mistake, you need to interact with your audience to build a strong relationship. Apart from publishing your own content, grow a consistent habit by engaging with other social media users’ posts, too. Sharing someone else’s post on your timeline will fetch you a thoughtful comment and build a strong relationship with your prospective audience.

Mistakes #4: The habit of Using a Generic Outreach Recruiting Template

Another thing most candidates and excellent job seekers hate is the use of a generic and scripted message by recruiters by asking candidates to connect with them. All these are one-way traffic approach needs to be ignored for good.

Qualified and high-quality candidates understand an interesting recruiting template when they come across it. So, it doesn’t take them seconds to press the delete button before spending their precious time on your impersonal outreach.

As such, to avoid this mess, personalize your recruiting message if you so much desired to engage with amazing candidates with your needed skills and qualifications, build a personal connection and create an interesting outreach message.

Recruiting Mistakes #5: You Don’t Look Back At Your Performance

Be enlightened that social media recruiting is a technique and it should be treated as such. You need to dedicate your time, set goals, and track your various post-performance so as to achieve a great result. But if you don’t implore a clear objective and metrics in your performance tracking, you will have no knowledge and understanding when it comes to improving and optimizing your social media recruiting schemes. As a result, the chances are very high for you to miss out on skill, qualified, and high-quality candidates.

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To avoid this mistake, you can track your performance through;

Engagement Metrics: These metrics will enhance you to have a clear understanding of the growth of your page over time, and it will determine in a great deal what posts or content generate much of your audience’s attention.

Web Traffic: This metric will help you to track down the platforms, content, and posts that generate the most lead and traffic to your social media careers page, wall, or job postings.

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Bottom Line

Recruiting the most qualified candidates will grow to be more dependent on social media platforms in the few years to come, so if you are still lacking behind in your social recruiting strategy, the time is now for you to address all the sort of weak points that might ply your way, hence, you will always fall behind your competitors.

So, try to assess and work on your social media recruiting efforts, so that you can stand firm with stronger online connections to securing more hardworking and experienced candidates.


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