Top 10 Agritech Companies in Nigeria

Agriculture has always been the backbone of Nigeria’s economy, providing employment and sustenance for a significant portion of the population. In recent years, the integration of technology into agriculture, commonly known as agritech, has played a crucial role in modernizing the sector.

From precision farming to supply chain optimization, agritech companies in Nigeria are making strides in transforming the agricultural landscape. In this article, we will explore the top 10 agritech companies in Nigeria that are contributing to the country’s agricultural revolution.

  1. Farmcrowdy:
    Farmcrowdy is a leading agritech platform that connects investors with small-scale farmers. The platform provides funding for farmers, facilitating the purchase of necessary inputs and providing a channel for investors to earn returns on their investment. Through the use of technology, Farmcrowdy is enhancing the financial inclusion of farmers and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.
  2. Cellulant:
    Cellulant is an African fintech company that has made significant inroads into agritech. Their Agrikore platform offers a digital marketplace for farmers, aggregators, and buyers, streamlining the agricultural value chain. Cellulant’s solutions include payment platforms, market access, and data analytics, empowering farmers and stakeholders with valuable insights.
  3. Hello Tractor:
    Hello Tractor is revolutionizing farming practices by providing farmers with affordable access to tractor services. Through a mobile app, farmers can connect with tractor owners, optimizing land preparation and cultivation processes. This innovative approach is increasing productivity and efficiency in Nigeria’s agricultural sector.
  4. Thrive Agric:
    Thrive Agric is another notable player in the agritech space, focusing on crowd-farming. The platform allows individuals to invest in specific agricultural projects, and in return, they receive a share of the profits. Thrive Agric leverages technology to monitor and manage farm activities, providing transparency and accountability to investors.
  5. eFishery:
    Specializing in aquaculture, eFishery is a company that provides smart fish feeding solutions. Their automated feeding devices help fish farmers optimize feeding schedules, reduce waste, and improve overall farm efficiency. By incorporating technology, eFishery is contributing to the sustainability and profitability of the aquaculture industry in Nigeria.
  6. Farmerline:
    Farmerline focuses on providing information and communication technology solutions to farmers. Through mobile platforms, farmers receive weather updates, market prices, and agronomic advice. Farmerline’s approach is empowering farmers with knowledge, enabling them to make informed decisions for improved yields and income.
  7. Kitovu Technology Company:
    Kitovu Technology Company offers innovative solutions for soil testing and analysis. By providing farmers with accurate information about their soil health, Kitovu helps optimize fertilizer application and crop management. This precision agriculture approach is essential for sustainable and resource-efficient farming.
  8. Agrorite:
    Agrorite is a digital platform that facilitates access to finance and market linkages for smallholder farmers. The platform connects farmers with investors and buyers, providing a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by small-scale agricultural enterprises. Agrorite’s digital approach is fostering financial inclusion and economic growth in rural areas.
  9. Probityfarms:
    Probityfarms is an agritech company that focuses on supply chain management for agricultural products. Their platform enables farmers to connect with buyers, ensuring a smooth and transparent transaction process. Probityfarms is contributing to the reduction of post-harvest losses and improving market access for farmers.
  10. Releaf:
    Releaf is dedicated to transforming the oil palm value chain in Nigeria. The company employs technology to increase efficiency in processing and distribution, connecting farmers with processors and buyers. Releaf’s innovative solutions are addressing challenges in the oil palm sector, promoting sustainability and profitability.


The agritech landscape in Nigeria is rapidly evolving, thanks to the contributions of innovative companies dedicated to transforming the agricultural sector. These top 10 agritech companies are not only harnessing the power of technology but also playing a crucial role in promoting sustainability, transparency, and inclusivity in Nigerian agriculture. As they continue to make strides, the future looks promising for a more resilient and prosperous agricultural industry in Nigeria.