Aliko Dangote Biography And Net Worth

There are big shoes, bigger shoes and some shoes are just outright the biggest shoes for anyone to wear or for anyone else to fill. Being the richest man in your own area is challenging enough, let alone being the richest man in your own country.

But then again, when it is someone like the very successful Aliko Dangote we are talking about- the entrepreneur that has become a role model for even many more entrepreneurs, we cannot stop on the national scale but go on to pronounce his laudable achievement of not only being the richest man in Africa but the richest black man in the entire world.

Now, that is making a statement and a strong statement at that. Born on the 10th of April in the year 1957, Aliko Dangote already had all he needed from childhood as he was born into a very rich family but he did not let his family wealth define him.

Back then, his family was so rich that his grandfather happened to be Nigeria’s richest man up till the time of his death, and instead of Dangote just sit back and relax on the old man’s wealth as others would, he instead sought to chart out his own path and according to reports about him, he had been given to the business scene since he was very young, buying and selling small stuff in the area.

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Dangote went to an Arabic school for his primary education and then proceeded on to have his secondary schooling at the Capital High school in Kano. For his university education, the then young mind went to Egypt and came back home with a Business Studies certificate from the University of Cairo.

Coming back to Nigeria, he put all that he had learned into good use, and by just the age of 20, he had established the Dangote Group.

The Dangote Group, in a bid to stay ahead of the market and quickly break out, started to expand its arm of business into different genres some of which are cement manufacturing and food processing facilities.

Alongside his dream for expansion, Dangote also made a series of great decisions along the line that helped the business a lot, one of these being the asking of the Central Bank of Nigeria to let the transport arm of the Dangote Group take control of their car fleet, a move which boosted the business and is still in place till today from 1990 when the deal first happened.

Through various manipulations and a deep understanding of the market, Dangote has been able to break into even more African counties like Benin, Ghana, and Togo, and his business arms are going on to be the leading manufacturers in those countries. His sugar refinery plant in Nigeria, for example, is the largest of such in the whole of Africa and ranks third in the whole world.

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Married thrice already before his current wife, Aliko Dangote has three children of which all are females and he doesn’t wish to relinquish his post as the richest man in Africa so fast with other entrepreneurs trailing far behind him, and he constantly soaring to new heights every day.