15 Amazing Facts About Trump Tower

This article aims to expose you to many amazing facts about Trump Tower.

The trump tower is currently the 64th tallest building in New York with many luxurious offices, residential and tourist structures. The Trump Tower was completed in 1983 after 4 years of on-going construction.

Trump Tower is owned by the current president of the United States; Donald Trump. It’s located on fifth Avenue in midtown Manhattan in New York. Continue reading to find out more interesting facts about Trump Tower.

More Interesting Facts About Trump Tower

  • The tall building is estimated to worth $300 million with many luxurious structures.
  • Trump Tower is bigger and larger than the White House, while serving different purposes including residential, official, and commercial functions.
  • It has about 58 floors contrary to the news of 68 floors being promoted by the owner and the media.
  • The modern building consists of 238 units with 3 restaurants and a bar.
  • Trump Tower is one of the World-class shopping malls in New York City with many top brands of designers.
  • Donald Trump also lives on the top floor of the tower(his Penthouse) which is decorated with Diamonds and Gold.

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  • It’s also the headquarters and head houses of all the Trump Organization.
  • Donald Trump’s family members also live in the Trump Tower.
  • Ivanka Trump(Donald’s second child and daughter) also owns a Modern jewelry boutique on the ground floor in the building.
  • The modern aesthetic building has housed many elites and celebrities. Celebrities like Andrew Floyd Webber, Johnny Carson, Micheal Jackson, and even Late Liberace.
  • The movie titled “Apprentice” was also filmed at the Tower Trump.
  • Despite its ridiculous and expensive cost, the units especially the residential units were sold out before the 6th month after its completion.
  • Trump Tower was built on the architectural renowned museum building; the flagship store of Bonwit Teller.
  • The Building is one of the tallest buildings with all glass materials in New York City.

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  • It’s also one of the most visited tourist centers by locals and foreigners to date.

What other facts about Trump Tower are you aware of? Share with us and let’s learn together.


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