Biography and Net Worth of Hazel Moder – Everything You Need To Know About Julia Robert’s Daughter

In this article, you will read about the life history and biography of Hazel Moder and other amazing facts about Julia Robert’s daughter.

Hazel Patricia Moder is a 17-year-old American baby actress and the daughter of Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder. Even though the little girl has numerous numbers of fans rooting for her, she’s yet to take a stand on whether she wants to become a Hollywood actress like her mother.

Find out more interesting facts about Hazel Moder’s lifestyle including what she is currently doing and how she became popular.

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Family Background and Education

How old is Hazel Moder now? When was Hazel Moder born? These are a few out of the numerous questions asked by many fans of the little talented actress.

Hazel Patricia Moder was born in Los Angeles, California, USA on November 28th, 2004. She was born to a couple; her father, Daniel Moder is a cinematographer while her mother, Julia Roberts is a talented and popular Hollywood actress.

Julia Roberts with her children and Hubby; Daniel Moder

She also has a twin brother; Phinnaeus Moder who both appear in movies together at a tender age. There is also a younger brother, Henry Moder who was given birth on the 18th of June in 2007.

Despite coming from a popular family filled with actresses and actors, Julia Roberts ensures her children have a normal upbringing. She has always kept their life and activities out of the spotlight and prying eyes of the media.


Even though the baby actress is yet to decide which career she is going into, she has a lot of fans already waiting for her real debut in the industry.

Hazel Moder started as a baby actress when she shared an on-screen presence in a movie with her mother, Julia Roberts. She was featured in the television series show titled VH1: All Access in 2006. She plays the role of a baby with her twin brother, Phinnaeus Moder in the 20 Cutest Babies Episode.

In 2016, she also acted as one of the Cartwheel kids in a romantic comedy film titled Mother Days.

Since then nothing much has been heard from the baby actress. She is being kept away from the media spotlight by her mother. Even though, she has been seen in public sometimes, maybe during family events or outings.

Family and Relationship

Hazel Moder is still a young 17 years old actress with few details about her. No one knows whether she has a boyfriend and no one expects her to have one for now. She is popularly known as Julia Roberts’ Daughter and a twin sister to Phinnaues Moder.

Where is Hazel Moder Now?

According to Julia Roberts when interviewed by People Magazine, Hazel Moder is focusing on her study for now. she may not be in the spotlight until she’s ready to start her career. The baby actress currently studies at Our Lady of Mercy School in Los Angeles, California where she actively participates in anything sports.

There was a viral video of a girl singing on social media and many people thought it is Hazel Moder singing in 2020. There is nothing like Hazel Moder singing in 2020. It is just a mere resemblance between the Brazilian girl singing and the baby actress. As she is currently focusing on her studies.

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Net Worth

Hazel Moder’s net worth is currently unknown as she is yet to start any career. While her mother, Julia Roberts net worth is estimated to be $250 million.

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