Biography Of Zfancy, Popular Nigerian Prankster

Biography of Zfancy

Zfancy Biography: 

If you are a Youtuber then you must have come across the name ‘Zfancy. The name currently booming with stats on all social media.

Zfancy is an a.k.a name of an Abia State-born prankster, zion ubani Chibuike. Only a few persons know Zfancy’s real name, and today you are one of them.

Zion Ubani is a Comedy Maker, a Social Media Influencer, and owner of the popular Youtube Channel ‘Zfancy‘.

The name Zfancy is now the most trending name on all social media, following a now-viral prank video the prankster shot which saw almost everyone fooled, with the way he arranged a young man that has the same body structure and face of a popular Nigerian singer known as Wizkid.

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The prank video has caused a series of reactions from Nigerians and foreigners who are fans of Zfancy.

Nobody may have noticed that it was all faked, the Wizkid guy was not real. He was cloned to look like the real Wizkid, just to see how people will react when they get to see ‘Star Boy’ in the open.

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zfancy age & Parent:

Ubani Zion was born on August 8, 1996, to Igbo parent who has lived in Lagos over decades.


According to Zfancy in a recent interview, he reveals that prank has always been his thing since his childhood days. That he had started pranking people most especially his siblings and school mates while he was still a teenager.

Zfancy claims that he left his father’s house at 17, reveals that his father is the no-nonsense kind of man. But that he has enjoyed supports and care from his mother in everything he does.

He added that even when he was away from home, his heart still troubles him anytime he remembers his father.

However, he said the father after somewhile get close to him and began to give him advice on his chosen career.

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Prank Ideas: 

The prankster noted that ideas do come to him on spots, that he had so many time conceived ideas, but he couldn’t work on those ideas because of some policies and situations in the country.


Zfancy created his first Instagram page 2015 with the help of a friend’s mobile phone.

According to him, he never had the intention to his Instagram account to upload skits; that all he ever wanted to do was to upload his galleries.

However, he said that he was persuaded by fans to create an Instagram page so he could upload short video clips, so as to save them from data wastage.

Zfancy’s professionally started shooting prank videos in 2017.


“Tricking people is part of my lifestyle; we all have a mischievous trait one way or the other. Jokes and stand-up comedy hardly make me laugh; I am very mischievous off camera, I enjoy the fact that when people remember my mischief, they still laugh.” He said while stating the reason why he chose prank over everything.

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“I used to pull pranks on my siblings a lot while growing up, we enjoyed having fun with one another since we were not allowed to go out often like other children. With this background, I decided to do it on camera; it is a natural part of me.”

He confessed to being motivated when he see people laughing and smiling because of his comedy. 


The popular prankster revealed that he had received some beaten of his life while shooting pranks in some places.

It could be recalled that he was once arrested by some police in Lekki, as a result of pranking one young man who was forced to pull off his clothes in the public, revealing his undies.

Also is the case of a guy who gave him a hot slap inside a mall for trying to prank him, among others.

Zfancy is one of the most loved comedians and pranksters in Nigeria.


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