10 Importance of Agriculture in Nigeria

Importance of Agriculture in Nigeria

The importance of Agriculture in Nigeria can not be over-emphasized as it plays a vital role in the growth and development of the nation. Most mineral resources in Nigeria, arise from the utilization of the expanse in Agriculture for productivity and innovation. Oil and Gas used to be the mainstream of income generation in Nigeria, … Read more

Top 10 Agritech Companies in Nigeria

Agritech Companies in Nigeria

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 Agritech companies in Nigeria. The agriculture sector is one of the largest industries in Nigeria, with revenue of more than four hundred billion Naira. The agritech industry has huge potential to grow and become even more profitable in the years to come. As technology advances the … Read more

How To Start A Profitable Bitter Leaf Farming Business

Bitter Leaf

Bitter Leaf farming business, another lucrative agricultural business in Nigeria that has a high earning capacity and one is sure to make huge profits and returns on investments from.It’s high time we gave a serious thought to Agriculture and reduce the preference for white-collar jobs among youths. Seriously, why labor 8-6 enriching another man’s pocket … Read more

How To Start A Potato Farm Business: Quick Tips


Potato is among the most popular vegetables today. It is great for frying, boiling, mashing, salads, and baking. There are over four hundred varieties of potatoes in the world and to start your own potato farm business, you need to choose the variety that best suits your farmland. The best way to know which variety … Read more

How To Start A Profitable Groundnut Farming Business


Groundnut as a crop is high in demand because of its usefulness to the country’s economy and proteinous value for human and livestock consumption. The Groundnut Farming Business is very lucrative in Nigeria because of its benefits. Groundnuts can be processed and used for making varieties of other products such as peanut butter, chocolate candy, … Read more