GTBank Swift Code And Correct Full Details

If you have been asked to supply your bank Swift code then you certainly have this question in mind “What is the GTBank Swift Code?” here is the answer to your question, just read on.

If you have made an international transfer lately, you will have noticed that, apart from the receiver’s account number, you have also been asked for a code called SWIFT. Although you may not know it, this makes your money movements much safer, since it avoids errors and streamlines bank procedures. But what exactly is the SWIFT code?

SWIFT code stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication and is alphanumeric code of between 8 and 11 digits. Thus, the first four numbers identify the bank, the following two the country where the account is located and the next two the location of the office where it was opened.

Every bank has its SWIFT code which serves as account identification number used for transferring money from one country to the other.

All banks are required to have the SWIFT code so definitely GTBank won’t be left out. In case you want to receive money from an international bank or firm then you need to know your bank SWIFT code for smooth transactions.
So if you want to receive money into your GTBank account from outside of Nigeria you need the SWIFT code we have provided below in this article.

Most people that usually ask for SWIFT code are bloggers who want to cash out from their Adsense account or other advert platforms.

Also, those into freelancing are always one way or the other needing the SWIFT code, though not the bloggers and freelancers alone, we have other legitimate reasons why we always need the SWIFT code.

This is mainly because the bank you’re trying to transfer from will request for your bank SWIFT code and if you can’t provide it then there is no transfer that can be carried out to your bank.

One major advantage of SWIFT code is that it makes the transfer to your account from other countries very speedy and also in case there is an error in transfer it makes it easier to revert the transfer, so there won’t be loss of money, you are fully covered.

GTBank Swift Code

The Guaranty Trust Bank Swift code is “GTBINGLA”. To further explain this swift code, GTBI means Guaranty Trusts Bank International, NG stands for Nigeria which is the country abbreviated code, and the last two characters which is LA stands for Lagos, the state where their headquarters is situated at.

The Headquarters as stated below:



What Is GTBank SWIFT Bic?

You must have been hearing about GTBank Bic, you need not to panic or worry yourself about it, Bic means the same as SWIFT code so anywhere you see Bank Bic or SWIFT code you just use the GTBINGLA. BIC means Bank Identification Code.

How To Use GTBank SWIFT Code?

For you to be able to send money to any country of the world or receive from any country into your GTB bank account in Nigeria, you will be asked to supply the following details which are:

Swift Code: GTBINGLAX (where X should be replaced with your GTB Branch code)

Branch Name: Guarantee Trust Bank Plc

Branch Address: 635 Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

Branch Code: X

Swift Code: GTBINGLA

Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank Plc

City: Lagos

Country: Nigeria

How To Get GTBank Swift Code?

In order to have the correct full GTBank Swift Code, cit is advisable you go to your bank branch or to make it easier, call your account manager or the phone numbers displayed on GTBank official website, GTBank support agent will supply you with your full SWIFT code.