How to Make Your Brand Stand Out On Social Media

Do you need a clue on what to do to make your brand stand out on social media platforms? Are you in need of tested and trusted tips you can follow that will rank your business brand higher on the social media outlets you have a presence?

Whatever it is that you need to make your business brand one of a kind of social media, fret not as this article will unravel the mysteries behind it.

To begin with, one of the few things you will see on social media platforms incessantly competing against one another is businesses and their brands. Now, the question is how do you make your business stand out and your brand voice is heard amidst others before the year runs out?

Of course, the first thing to come to mind is to look for an alternative way or ways to dodge others’ noise and let your own brand voice be heard. But how do you do that? It is very simple, to embark on thorough research on the various social media platforms.

So, before we delve into the main topic of discussion, do you know …

That social media is not all about posting pictures and uploading videos of your personal life but rather a media forum meant for its users to be interacting with each other and for business owners or managers to be posting or publishing daily updates about their products and brands to their target audience.

That the best social media platform suitable for any variety of businesses is Facebook.

That each social media platform has its own advantages over the other and they differ as to the users. For instance, you can you Facebook to publish the latest happenings in your business to your target audience, Instagram to upload pictures or short videos of such happenings, etc.

That it’s important to know who is your target audience and on what platform will you find them. For instance, the major users or lovers of Pinterest are women, Instagram is young ladies and the likes.

How to Make Your Brand Stand Out On Social Media

Coming down to 9jatoday webpage for the strategies you can adopt to make your business brand one of a kind on social media is a decision well made. And surely, your problem will be solved before you even read this piece to the last paragraph.

Now, with patience and understanding read, reread, and digest the following points:

Plan Your Social Media Dealings

Like the old cliche “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”, for this reason, it is very pertinent you plan every move or action you will be taking on social media. Doing this will help you to know what is the next cause of action.

This can be best done by creating a calendar of your dealings and planning an effective content strategy to be adopted on the social channels.

This is one of our remarkable social media platform’s marketing strategies here at Abode Business. We have been doing this for years and it has helped us grow exponentially on social media channels.

Try this out and see the magic!

See, one of the problems of social media marketers is that they hardly plan their dealings on social media, and this sometimes puts them at a great loss since their post is not what the target audience needs at that moment in time.

You hardly see successful social channel marketers posting or publishing on their social media page anyhow they fit, it does not even happen by accident. They do their homework thoroughly, come up with an efficient plan, and devise a working strategy.

So if you want to be like the successful social media marketers and sincerely want to make your business brand stand out in the midst of your competitors on social media, then carefully picture something big and then come up with interesting social content in line with what your audience really want to hear.

Plus, arrange the contents you will be publishing on your social media walls either daily, weekly, or monthly. Define when to publish the one related to your company promo or content that has to do with your business launches, events that your company is planning to hold, or the one that has to do with sanitizing or enlightening your audience about your latest brand, etc.

However, take out your time to interact and closely work with your marketing teams and the editorial department to know their latest cause of action and the strategy they will put in place to ensure such actions sees the light of the day.

Choose The Right Media Platform

There is more to using social media platforms as a means of marketing your business brand than just posting or publishing here and there. You need to look around and know which social media platform housed the majority of your target audience.

You need to invest wisely in the right platform. As I have mentioned earlier that each social media channel has the kind of audience that patronizes them the most. For instance, you can’t be selling men’s wear and be investing in Pinterest, that is the wrong channel to get your business brand known.

Pinterest is no doubt, a woman, social media platform.

Interestingly, getting your business brand to stand out is not all about the rate of social media you post and share, but rather, all about knowing the best and most suitable social channel to share them.

After all, the social outlets are not designed by a single person and they are not created the same way. Don’t be deceived that a particular business brand gets incredible audience engagement, if you try your own business of different species there, it might amazing fall flat.

Let’s take, for instance, a freelance company that might thrive well and get it desired audience on Facebook but may fall flat on Twitter. Hence, know the social media channels that contain your target audience the most and align with them incredibly.

Explore New Channel

Another brilliant way you can use to make your business brand stand out on the social media platforms this year is to look out for new channels and explore them before your competitors do. Study the various social media platforms and see if your brand can have an impact on the life of the majority of users of the channel.

Dive in there and scoop away the social-business treasury before your competitors will even think of the channel. At least, first come they said, first serve.

Since the product is relatively alien with little competition on the social media platform, that will give you an unalloyed opportunity to step in and move ahead of anyone.

To this end, if your company is creating something new and your target audience can be best found on Facebook, you can explore Instagram, too by tagging and delivering key content to the kind of audience your new business brand require.

Let pictures Speaks for You

If you really plan to make your brand stand out among others, it is very paramount you let pictures accompany most of your content. Let your target audience see the real and actual product you are trying to introduce to them. After all, it is quite impossible to price a fish inside the water.

So, it is up to you whether it’s a video of your new business brand or static images will be what you will adopt, let real pictures of what you will be proposing to your esteem audience speak for themselves. Doing this will definitely speed up your social media content engagement.

Now, the question is, will you just use a phone camera or Webcam to take the pictures? Never use either of the two.

You need quality pictures of the products, for this reason, engage the service of a photographer who will be creating a library of brand images – with high class and quality – that will be accompanying your content every now and then.

Let Consistency Be The Key

The consistency they said, is the key to a successful online business. You don’t publish a post today and relax for weeks before you post another. You have to be consistent with your content for this will encourage your audience to check and check again your business wall and pages for the latest happenings.

Hence, be consistent and always publish aesthetic content on your social media audience to savor. Post consistently on your business accounts as it will help you grow exponentially and create a formidable awareness for the brand – most especially on Instagram and Facebook.

However, be informed that the fact that you need to publish your business brand content consistently doesn’t mean you should be posting anything you see. Post content that is of high class and quality, unique, value-driven, and free from plagiarism.

Posting irrelevant content or images all in the name of consistency will do more harm than good to your business brand online the social media platforms.

Study Your Audience

Your business brand can’t get to the promised land this year unless and until you know who your target audience is. As such, know who your target and seasonal audience are, who are your potential customers, where to find them, and always anticipate their needs.

While it is crystal clear that you can’t know the kind of products or content they are seriously anticipating. So, the only way or means to know what they want or need is to identify who they are and engage them with appealing and useful content.

Premise on this, do your business research thoroughly so that you can identify who your target customers are, what they want and need and the best social media platform(s) you can reach out to them.

Doing this will immensely help your business growth both in the general marketing and the social media platforms brand awareness creation and you will stand a chance to rule over your competitors.

Focus on Your Media Channels Analytics

If you want to know if your target audience engaged in the content you published, you have to pay close attention to such media platform analytics. Doing this often will expose you to certain things. You will always find out if the tactics you are using are working as planned or not.

The analytical results or data will tell you whether to continue creating such kind of content that is generating more leads or to put an end to the ones that are not doing well.

Do Promo Often

Another system you can use to pin down your customers on social media platforms is by giving out promo once in a while. This will make them check back on your wall and become frequent visitors. Even, they will go as far as referring to their friends and family to your wall.

So never underestimate the power of promo. Embrace it and use it to your advantage if you want your business brand to be known and stand out on social media before the year runs out.

Give Room For Feedback

Another way to attract more customers online thereby making your business brand stand out in the midst of others is by giving room for your seasonal and potential visitors and customers to leave feedback, review your products or ask questions on certain content or product that interest them.

This is very vital because potential customers often check out for reviews on certain products they will be capitalizing on and at the same time they enjoy a business that will allow them to leave feedback at the end of their purchase.

For this reason, leave room for feedback on your business social media wall or page, so that your customers can drop positive thoughts that will eventually convince your subsequent customers.


If you do your assignment very well and follow all the aforementioned points above, no doubt, your business brand will definitely stand out on all the various social media platforms that your business has a presence in this year and beyond.