The 10 Richest Cities in Florida, United States

Want to know the Richest Cities in Florida, United States? Florida which is known for its shiny beaches, endless sunshine, and its famous theme parks – is now the first choice for tourists, as well as for individual or potential residents of another part of the North American nation and the world at large.

Florida has its 0% income tax is what really attracts most people and it has now become the perfect destination for most of the world’s wealthiest celebrities and families.

Taking the popular and highest-paid Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson “the Rock” and some other influential celebrities like Jimmy John sandwich chain owner, billionaires Micky Arison, president of Carnival Cruises, Jimmy John Liautaud, and many more have made Florida their base.

To cap it all, Florida offers exclusive amenities and also good security, industrialization, economic growth, wonderful climatic condition, and many more.

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If you really want to live in Florida then you have to open your wallet wide. Without much ado, here are the 10 richest communities in Florida:

10. Sewall’s Point, Martin County

Sewall's Point, Martin County

Sewall’s Point made it to the list of the Richest Cities in Florida, a perfect place for yacht lovers, is surrounded on three sides by the St. Lucie River and the Indian River Lagoon sufficient for lovers of rivers.

Mere glancing at the seaside town, you can behold beautiful scenery, nice chances to fish as you take a walk or even relax on the beach.

9. Palm Beach, Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County

Palm Beach is home to some of America’s most swanky coastal properties and most glamorous beaches, another name that comes to your mind at the glance of this city is luxury and excess.

It has some beautiful landscapes to boast of and also some legendary resorts and in addition, the city has some display of art and culture that will wow you.

Nerby the city has a museum called Norton Museum and art galleries where you can find the 1920 Flagler Resort,

Could you believe that the richest man in Florida lives in Palm Beach? The CEO of Interactive Brokers “Thomas Peterffy”, has a net worth of $16.6 billion based on a ranking from Forbes.

8. Naples, Collier County

Naples, Collier County

Naples is sited in the Southwest region of Florida, adjacent to the Everglades, and all recognitions of the city of Naples fall short.

The town is recognized as one of the “Best Vacation Places in America,” if you want the best experience with a vacation then choosing Naples is the best choice. It is also rated as the “Best Place to Retire,” and “Best Place to Raise Your Children,” What else do you ask for? The city is properly developed and it serves as the best choice for tourists.

Mind you, Naples is one of the “most expensive cities in Florida” aside from the great vacation spot and retreat.

7. Golden Beach, Miami-Dade County

Golden Beach, Miami-Dade County

Golden Beach based on what its name implies boasts spectacular properties with ocean views and glamorous beaches and is rated as the second richest city in Miami.

Though you hardly see high-rise buildings in this city, that is based on the fact that the government has placed a ban on the construction of high-rise structures and also commercial buildings.

The totality of properties in Golden Beach is around 344 which amounts to close to $ 1 billion.

Well-known celebrities like Bill Gates who is the world’s second-richest man in the world have his residence here.

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6. Indian River Shores, Rio Indio County

Indian River Shores, Rio Indio County

Indian River Shores is sited between the east coast of Florida and the picturesque Indian River Lagoon, Indian River Shores is an expensive and luxurious haven for the rich, if you have money then you can get the best treatment here, it is one of the richest cities in Florida.

Each year during the “High Season” (October through Easter), its population of just 4,000 doubled to nearly 8,000, as it has temporary residents who usually return to their properties so as to escape the cold northern climate to soak up the Florida sun.

Most of the people who live here have exclusive “gated compounds,” where luxurious Tuscan-style homes, modern mansions, and Floridense bungalows sell for up to $ 6.9 million.

5. Bal Harbor, Miami-Dade County

Bal Harbor, Miami-Dade County

The Bal Harbor may be small in size (it is approximately 243 acres. In contrast, Miami is 35,360 acres), but this expensive city doesn’t skimp on luxury amenities.

Bal Harbor’s high-end shopping, glamorous, and five-star restaurants appeal to only the most discerning residents and visitors.

However, its beautiful landscapes and beautiful views of Bal Harbor make visitors, no matter the size of their pockets, enjoy this city.

4. Jupiter Island, Martin County

Jupiter Island, Martin County

Located just 20 miles from Palm Beach, Jupiter Island is a true stretch of secluded paradise between the coast and the Atlantic.

This thriving and lush community with picturesque natural beauty is known for its large and glamorous properties and famous residents.

Due to its exclusive character, many celebrities who long for privacy and tranquillity call Jupiter Island home.

The famous golfer Tiger Woods owns an elegant property on Jupiter Island. Its vast property stretches between the Intercoastal and the Atlantic, giving the Woods family ocean views from all angles.

Singer Celine Dion also owned a luxurious property on Jupiter Island. In 2017, Dion sold her impressive 5.7-acre mansion for the record price of $ 28 million.

The Prince of Asturias Award winner for Scientific and Technical Research, Richard Lerner, chemist, pathologist, businessman, President, and CEO of The Scripps Research Institute maintains a home in this community.

The former president of the United States, George HW Bush, is perhaps its most famous resident.

3. Key Biscayne, Miami-Dade County

Key Biscayne, Miami-Dade County

This tropical oasis located on Cayo Vizcaíno in Miami-Dade County, Key Biscayne is known for its shops, picturesque neighborhoods, and pristine beaches.

But don’t be fooled by its laid-back, surfer vibe that might make you think Key Biscayne is cheap! Key Biscayne is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Miami-Dade County.

A stay in the Key Biscayne Ritz-Carlton’s most affordable room will set you back around $ 500 per night, and the median home price in this city is around $ 1,062,700.

Nature lovers will appreciate Key Biscayne’s diverse range of flora and fauna.

Adjacent Crandon Park features lush mangroves and rain forests, and a rich variety of birds, butterflies, and loggerhead turtles.

2. Manalapan, Palm Beach County

Manalapan, Palm Beach County

Second on our list of the Richest Cities in Florida, With a small population (406 inhabitants) and excellent access to beaches, shops, restaurants, and cafes, Manalapan residents can enjoy both the exceptional exclusivity and the comforts of big city life.

And, like many other cities on this list, Manalapan residents can buy luxury homes with truly stunning views of the sea.

Living in this beachside paradise is not cheap. Manalapan once boasted of having the most expensive house in the country.

Gemini, one of the most exclusive properties in the United States, with 12 bedrooms a, was put up for sale for $ 195 million in 2016.

1. Boca Grande, Gasparilla Island

Boca Grande, Gasparilla Island

The title of the richest city in Florida goes to this coastal paradise belonging to the small residential community of Gasparilla Island, called: Boca Grande.

This amazing city has all the charms of old Florida: a thriving fishing industry, local restaurants, and, of course, beaches built for casual strolling.

But it also has some really luxurious mansions and impressively large properties.

With an average house price of $ 2,125 million and a median household income of $ 111,028, Boca Grande residents are one of the wealthiest populations in Florida.

However, many of these expensive houses are unoccupied for most of the year: Billionaires and millionaires head to Boca Grande to escape the brutal winters making it the Richest City in Florida.

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