Top Best Technical Schools in Ghana

There are a lot of technical schools in Ghana that gives practical and specialized training in different technical field. In this article, you will learn about the top best technical schools in Ghana and their courses.

That being said, find below a short description of technical schools in Ghana.

About Top Best Technical Schools in Ghana

Technical schools which are also referred to as Technical Colleges are institutions where students are given practical and specialized training in different fields. Enrolling in any of the technical schools in Ghana usually takes between 2 to 4 years depending on the certifications and courses.

Technical schools in Ghana are classified based on their previous records of excellence. Some are grouped as Class A and those as B, C, and so on. Most schools that are under Class A are assumed to be among the top best technical schools in Ghana. While Class B is the next when it comes to standard and excellence followed by the rest.

Are you searching for the top technical schools in Ghana and their courses, find below the list of different schools in Class A.

Top Best Technical schools in Ghana

In no order of priority, below is the list of top best technical schools across different regions and cities in Ghana.

Koforidua Technical School

Being one of the oldest technical schools in Ghana, Koforidua was established by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah in 1967. Previously, it was a boys-only school before it was restructured in the 2000s and female candidates are admitted.

When it comes to excellent results in WASSCE and good standards, Koforidua technical school is one of the best. Courses offered in the school include Technical drawing, Auto mechanics, Graphic Design, Economics, Leatherworks, metalwork, Building construction, Wood Work, Picture making, and so on. See the Top Best Aviation Schools In Ghana

Kumasi Technical Institute

This is another best technical school in Ghana which specialized in practical knowledge and skills in the mechanical and building fields. The school was established by the government with the support of the Canadian International Development Agency in 1976.

Since then it has trained a whole lot of students in different fields. Some of which include Concreting, Block Laying, Fabrication, Plumbing, Welding, Autobody mechanics, Refrigeration repair, Air conditioning repair, and so on.

St. Joseph Technical School

Next on our list is St. Joseph Technical School, one of the oldest technical schools in Ghana. It has undergone different restructuring since its establishment in 1967.

The school management was later taken over by the Ghanian government in 1984. Since then it has generated many excellent records in various national exams including WASSCE and SSCE. St. Joseph Technical School has contributed to the Ghana economy with a lot of skills and knowledge imparts to different students. Some of the courses offered by St. Joseph technical School include Home Economics, Visual Arts, General Science, Business, Agriculture, and many more. Check out the Full List of Cosmetology Schools in Ghana

Cape Coast Technical Institute

Ever heard of the popular architectural technical school in Ghana? Cape Coast Technical Institute which used to major only in the Architecture field was established in 1955.

Not until it was restructured in 1976 by the government does it start accepting and teaching various other fields. Today, it is one of the best technical schools in Ghana with records of excellence and standards. Also, the school has won many competitions both in Ghana and its environs.

Don Bosco Technical Institute

Don Bosco Technical Institute is located physically at Odumase, Sunyani, Brong Ahafo in Ghana. The school which runs both boarding and day schooling systems were established by the Ghanian government.

Courses available for study at Don Bosco technical institute include Creative Arts, Computer and Technology Science, Building, Printing Press, Agriculture, Electricals, and so on.

Royal Technical College

Royal Technical College also known as ROTECO is one of the best private technical schools in Ghana on our list. The school which was formerly referred to as Royal Technical and Engineering Works is a private school with excellence and standards.

Since its establishment in 1985, it has produced a lot of technicians and engineers who have practical skills and knowledge to work in a competitive society.

Boso Technical School

Boso Senior High Technical School is another best technical school on our list. The prestigious school was founded in 1969 and was run as both a day and boarding secondary school. See list of Top Accredited Media Schools in Ghana

Until 1978, when it was restructured by the government and later upgraded by Ghana Education Services to a technical school. Since then, Boso Technical School has continued to provide practical knowledge and skills revolving around different fields to its student.

Asuansi Technical School

Like Koforidua technical school, Asuansi is one of the oldest technical schools in Ghana and its environs. It was established in 1917  to give basic arithmetic, reading, and writing knowledge to students.

In 1922, it was upgraded to a vocational and technical school where various knowledge and skills are imparted to students. Asuansi technical school has trained a lot of students and professionals in different fields. Some of which include Carpentry, Agriculture, Metalworks, Business, Visual Arts, Home Economics, and so on.

Keta Senior High Technical School

Keta Senior High Technical School also known as KETASCO is another technical school in Ghana. The school which is located physically in the Volta region in Ghana offers practical skills and knowledge in many technical fields. Some of which include General Science, Home Economics, Business, Agricultural Science, and other Technical fields. Check out Top 10 Universities In Africa – Latest Ranking

Brakwa Senior Technical School

Lastly, Brakwa Senior Technical School is also one of the best technical schools in Ghana. The academy is one of the newest government technical schools as it was established in 2011.

It started as a day school before it transitioned into a boarding school in 2015. Since then, it has equipped a lot of students with practical knowledge and skills in various technical fields.

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Best Technical Schools in Ghana

When it comes to choosing the best technical school for admission, we advised you to carry out extensive research before applying. Ensure the school is recognized by the government and there are previous records of excellence before applying to avoid wasting your resources.

Alternatively, you can choose any school out of the list of top best technical schools in Ghana as they have stood the test of time.

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