12 Weird Facts About Zambia You Didn’t Know About


Today, we will be exploring 12 unpopular but weird facts about Zambia. Have you ever been to Zambia? If you have ever visited the country, you will have noticed or even seen some of the below listed facts about Zambia.

Zambia, an African country locked with 6 other whole countries as its borders is located in the Southern part of Africa. It’s bounded by Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Angola.

Zambia currently has about 17.4 million people living in the country. Like every other African country, she has her own culture and heritage. Below are the weird facts about Zambia you should know in case you want to visit the country.

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12 Weird Facts About Zambia You should know About

Facts About Zambian Greetings Etiquette

  • Greetings in African countries has changed from what it’s used to be. Handshakes and kisses are the order of the day. But in Zambia, it’s embarrassing and frowns upon to kiss/hug a Zambian as a means of greeting. Especially if you are not close to the person. It’s best to go for handshake instead of kissing or hugging.
  • Greeting a Visitor is done hurriedly in Zambia at the doorstep before making space for you to sit. Then the proper greeting will start afterward. Doesn’t that sound weird especially since it’s the norms?

Food Etiquette

  • It is belittling and utmost disrespectful to them if you eat with your two hands for any reason in a Zambian home. You are expected to eat with your right hand.
  • African heritage and culture enjoin respect from the younger ones to the elderly. But this is too weird. A Zambian younger one is not to remove his or her hand from a meal before the elder one. Should the younger one be filled before the elder, he/she is to wait. So weird!
  • A Zambian host will never ask if you are hungry or if a food should be cooked for you before doing so. They believe it is so rude and embarrassing.
  • Since asking if you are hungry is deemed fits to be rude by the Zambians, it can be used in another context. If your Zambian host asks you such a question, it’s mostly because your presence is irritating them. And they are telling you subtly to leave.
  • Zambians major local dish is Nshima while the minor is Ndiwo and Ndiyo. You aren’t expected to reject any of these if it’s cooked for you in a Zambia home. Even if you aren’t consulted before cooking. It will be termed as rude or disrespectful behavior.
  • Asking a Zambian, the delicacy recipe of the food you are served is offensive to them. A local Zambia may think you are implying he/she doesn’t know how to cook. Or even put poison in the food.
  • Even though you are expected to eat any food offered to you by the Zambian, you are not expected to finish it. You are expected to leave at least crumbs for the little ones who will pack the plates away.
  • Saying too much thank you after eating is irritating and embarrassing to a Zambian host. You are expected to say thank you at their doors when leaving and in a subtle way.

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Gender Mixing

  • Most Zambians do not mix together except there is an important reason for such. Zambian males and females prefer to do their thing separately than do it together.
  • In Zambia, women are hardworking and more financially buoyant. They are the sole breadwinner. It’s common to see the women in office, school, and even the field.

What other Facts about Zambia will you like us to add? Share with us and let’s learn.


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