What Is Drop Servicing and How Do I Start Now?

What Is Drop servicing And How Do I Start Now? For you to ask this question means that you either know a person in the business or you have been hearing testimonies from those into drop servicing and you wish to get involved right away.

In this post, we have given a detailed description of drop servicing, the difference between drop servicing and DropShipping, and how you can start a drop servicing business now in Nigeria.

Online businesses are now a recent trend in the modern economy and one of the most profitable businesses in Africa.

Online businesses experienced a large financial boom, especially during the Covid-19 lockdown period. A lot of business models emerged and became prominent and drop servicing is one of them.

Looking at a summary of what drop servicing is; drop servicing is an indirect link between a customer and freelancer involving middlemen which are the Dropshipper.

What Is Drop Servicing Business?

Drop servicing Business is closely related to service arbitrage. Arbitraging services can be done locally or offline. Service providers could link their customers with other service providers through the drop servicing business.

What Then is Dropservicing?

Dropservicing is a business model in which you sell virtual services online or on an E-commerce website. As a Drop service render, you are not the one that renders the services to your customers, but you link the services between the Owners of the services and the buyers.

Also in the Drop servicing business, you can hire freelancers who will render the service, and pay them whilst keeping a profit percent to yourself. Upwork and Fiverr are some of the freelancing giants currently on the media. These two agencies can be directly seen as engaging in the Drop servicing business.

Both companies are freelancing agencies, and they allow freelancers to advertise their skills and get hired on the website. In the Drop servicing business, the Drop service renders pose as the service providers, but instead, they get contracts from clients, then pay service providers that are the freelancers to deliver the project.

How Does Drop Servicing Work?

Having good knowledge of Drop Shipping keeps you at a better edge to know more about Drop servicing. In the Dropservicing business, you stand between the freelancers and the customers as a middle man.

You need to have a website through which you can offer your Drop servicing services so that your Drop servicing business can work effectively.

In most businesses today, you may pay a person for a project that he has no idea about though you may not know this, and your employee, in turn, hires a freelancer to do the job for you. The employee here is the drop shipper and he earns a cut from the business.

Drop Servicing Vs Drop Shipping

Before we get into discussing the difference between Drop servicing Vs Drop Shipping, you must know that Drop Shipping is not the same as e-commerce. Many mistakes these three business models to mean the same thing, but they are not.

In our other post, we discussed the differences between Drop Shipping and E-commerce, while in this post, we detailed the differences between Drop Shipping and Drop servicing businesses.

The major difference between Drop Shipping and Drop servicing businesses is that Drop shippers sell other people’s products while drop services sell other people’s skills.

A Drop Shipping business model involves the use of physical products, logistics, overhead, among others. The producer may deliver products that are not up to taste with that of the drop shipper, and he has to deliver it to the customers invariably.

Under drop services, your search for qualified freelancers who can deliver the job appropriately to your customers. If a freelancer delivers a project that is below the standard requirements of the client, as a Drop service render, you can reject the services and refuse to pay the freelancer.

Best Drop servicing Niches

There are a lot of Drop servicing Niches that you can venture into, but just a few are some of the best Drop servicing Niches you can start with.

Drop servicing business borders around the delivery of skills. There is a wealth of skills that you can sell to your customers. Most niches in the drop service business model border around digital services.

Below are some of the drop service niches you can venture into and make a great deal of money:

1. Content creation

2. Graphic Design

3. Copywriting

4. Website Design

5. Animation

6. Programming

7. Video Editing and Creation

How To Start Your Own Dropservicing Business

How can I start a Dropservicing business with little capital or income?

1. Choose A Service That Is High In Demand

The niche you choose is one of the biggest secrets to Dropservice’s success. It is advised that you don’t engage in many disjointed services as a Dropshipper. This is because venturing into just a few related businesses helps you to focus on a particular skill and gain expertise in the skill.

There are some services that you can combine especially because they are related or similar. For instance, website design and programming go hand in hand, while content writing and copywriting are congruent. However, you can choose only a single niche for your drop service business.

2. Understand Who Your Ideal Customer Is

You need to have a clear picture of your customer avatar when picking out the services you wish to deliver to your ideal customer. A high in demand service will also have a lot of customers. Digital marketing agencies and copywriters are now dominating the industry.

3. Choose Affordable Drop Servicing Business Providers

You would need to make a lasting impression in the minds of your clients and as such you need to get affordable business providers.

Do not hire freelancers that are mediocre just because you can choose any kind of freelancer for the job. Your clients may not return to patronize you again if the services you deliver are below average.

You should understand your customer’s demands if you intend to engage in drop servicing business. You are only a professional at the drop service business if your clients can testify of your feats in the industry.

4. Create A Welcoming And Attractive Landing Page

It is on the website or landing page that you get to sell the services under your drop service business. Your website and landing page should not just look professional but also Attractive and welcoming. Drop service gives a creative digital space for obtaining quality service delivery.

Your website interface and landing page outlook give off bits of information on how the service delivery may be from the drop services.

5. Convert Leads To Buyers

You need to drive quality traffic to your business page or website and after you have gained this attention from your audience, you convert the leads to buyers.

Quality traffic comes with leads, and it is these leads that become the clients that will purchase the services from you.

The qualified traffic or audience are the prospects that you will convert to clients, only if you are willing and able to convince them to buy from you.

A marketing campaign can only be said to be successful if the traffic that was gotten to the website during advertising is also converted to clients and buyers.

6. Deliver Your Promise

If you want to start a drop servicing business, you need to be able to deliver to the clients according to your promises. Your clients can give their testimonials for your service delivery only if you can deliver based on your promise.


Before you start dropping servicing business, you need to understand the basics of the business. Dropservicing Business is a very lucrative business. The business model does not give room for unnecessary expenditure and overhead.

If you intend to start up a drop servicing business then you should be ready to deliver quality services to your clients. You will earn more if you can dominate the niche you enter into under the drop service business.

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