Zoom Lifestyle Lottery: Everything You Need To Know About the Gaming App


Zoom Lifestyle lottery is one of the popular games lotteries in Nigeria with most Instagram users as it’s subscribers. It’s owned by a popular Nigerian singer, songwriter, and Dancer; Peter Okoye. Many people have benefited from this Zoom lifestyle lottery even though it is a game of luck.

Peter Okoye; Nigerian Singer, Songwriter and Founder of Zoom lifestyle Lottery

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What is Zoom Lifestyle Lottery about?

The Zoom Lifestyle lottery was established by Peter Okoye who is known as Mr. P in February 2019. It is a lottery that works by giving subscribers the chance to win millions after selecting for shooting video or music, concerts, sports, and business relationship on the platform.

It’s a game of luck where you purchase a draw or raffle tickets either in music and videos, sports, business hoping to win after being eligible for the promo.


Peter Okoye who goes by the stage name Psquare formerly with his twin brother is the CEO of the lottery company. He aims to support the dream and change the lifestyle of many youths by giving out 2M nairas monthly. Now that we have the idea of how it works, below are the steps to take to play the lottery.

How To Play and Win the Zoom Lifestyle Lottery

Before you can be able to play the Zoom lifestyle lottery and stand a chance to win. You must be a subscriber to the lottery company. You can visit the official website to subscribe or follow any of the method and steps Listed below.

Via Website 

  • Visit their official website to get started
  • Click on the “Enter Raffle Draw” or “Play Lottery” button on the display screen
  • Input in your details correctly including;
    1. your name in full
    2. your phone number
    3. the Email address
    4. Preferred category you will like to compete in.
    5. Registration fee of 500 naira
  • Select mode of payment. you will have to choose whether to pay at a time or pay monthly before proceeding
  • Then you will be taken to a page where you made the required payment
  • Make your payment and anticipate when you will be chosen as a winner.
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Via SMS on Phone

You can also be registered via your phone by sending the text “Music” to 20010 to participate in the Music Category. Some other Keywords include Dance, Business, and Sport.

Via USSD Code

You can also partake in the Zoom lifestyle lottery via dialing a short code by dialing *20010# and selecting your preferred Category.

More About the Zoom Lifestyle Lottery

After the payment of the registration fee, N20 will be deducted every day on the airtime or phone of the subscriber. You also have the opportunity to upload your content always on the website.


If after subscribing, you are not interested again, you can stop your subscription by sending STOP to 20010 or even HELP to 20010 if there is something you are not sure of. Most winners in the past are contacted by phones or Email and they ended up getting a cheque at their office or even transfer in the currency the winner played in.

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Even though it’s a game of luck and winners are chosen every month. There is no guarantee that you will win immediately as there are many that have won and many that have lost. So, you’re advised to bear this in mind while taking the time to read their terms and conditions.

You can also visit the Zoom Lifestyle lottery official website to learn more about it.


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