10 Best Chemicals for Cleaning Tiles in Nigeria

The 10 Best Chemicals for cleaning tiles in this post are chemicals and materials specifically chosen from a wide range of other good products in the market. They appeared on this list because they rank in the top ten in cleaning tiles and porcelain wares on the ground or walls.

Tiles and marble have populated the marketplace and have become common as elements of building equipment. Modern-day building in Nigeria today is furnished with tiles and marble, and there has to be often maintained to ensure that they last longer and are durable. However, the maintenance of the files often poses great challenges to most people.

Cleaning tiles with just a soap solution can be very difficult especially when you are cleaning them for the very first time after construction. This can be made easy through the use of the cleaning chemicals that have been outlined in this post.

You must know of chemicals to be used in the cleaning of tiles, as some can be very concentrated and may damage the tiles, while others can be weak to even remove the stains or dirt on the tiles.

The chemicals here are not just the 10 best chemicals for cleaning tiles, they are also the best for maintaining the tiles.

Chemicals For Cleaning Tiles

Best Chemicals for Cleaning Tiles in Nigeria
Best Chemicals for Cleaning Tiles in Nigeria

Lysol Professional Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Price N15,000

Lysol professional toilet bowl cleaner is an ideal product for use in the convenience areas of homes and offices. It is durable for all floor types, and not just tiles. It can be used on kitchen walls, bathroom wall tiles, toilet bowls, ceramic floors, and other items in the home.

Lysol Professional Toilet Bowl Cleaner is also very suitable for cleaning the toilet. The formula is thick, causing the solution to cling to the bowl, such that when it is rinsed off, it is washed off even with the toughest stains.

The angle-neck dimension of its bottle allows its ease of access targets to hard-to-reach areas below the rim of the bowl, leaving a sparkling and deodorized cleanse.

Special effects of Lysol Professional Toilet Bowl Cleaner On Tiles

  • Destruction of germs and bacteria like salmonella Typhi
  • Dissolving tough mineral deposits and rust stains on contact with the solution
  • Disinfection and antibacterial cleansing of the tiles.

Jik Bleaching powder

Price N2,750

The Jik Bleach is a household name in the Nigerian market as the product is used in commonly used in Nigerian homes. The Jik Bleach has continued to gain the interest of most homes as its usage continues to increase over time due to the durability and effectiveness of its cleansing effects.

Jik bleach is a brand tested and trusted by many and you can tell this from the patronage and accolades it receives from Nigerian homes. If you are wondering about the Best Chemicals for Cleaning Tiles in Nigeria, it is Jik.

Special effects of Jik Bleach on tiles

  • It brightens up the tiles
  • It removes tough stains
  • It brings added freshness to the equipment being cleaned.

Femnix Toilet Wash For Tiles

Price N6,820

Femnix toilet wash takes up the responsibility of cleaning the tiles, more especially, it whitens the bathroom and toilet, destroys and chases away germs, leaving the toilet with a nice and fresh fragrance.

Femnix toilet wash removes all kinds of stubborn stains, and scrubs and eliminates tough stains in tight corners of the toilet and also on the toilet floor.

This chemical cleanses and kills germs with ease of effect when it is combined with other rich and effective chemicals and also with a nice fragrance to assure a good-smelling toilet at all times.

Femnix Wash

Price N1,400

Femnix wash is another product by Femnix. It is a multi-purpose cleaner as it cleans and whitens the tiles, getting rid of germs and bacteria, and leaving a nice fragrance afterward.
Femnix wash leaves the toilet clean and germ-free and is highly desirable to families who seek the best products.

Special effects of Femnix Wash

  • Femnix Wash destroys and rids germs rapidly
  • It leaves a fresh and clean fragrance
  • It whitens the tiles

Harpic Toilet

Price: N3,200

Harpic toilet cleaner allows you to ease off stains with less scrub. It is quick to react with stains and infections, washing them out in a single flush. It serves as a disinfectant and protects the family against infections.

Harpic is specially produced with strong and effective cleaning agents that remove stubborn stains from tiles. It also freshens, whitens, and keeps clothing clean.

The special effect and important feature of Harpic is that it reduces to an extent of canceling out the stress of scrubbing the tiles. It removes the stains just immediately after it is sprinkled on the surface to be cleaned.

LaBeacon Antibacterial Floor Cleaner

Price N1,840

LaBeacon Antibacterial floor cleaner is made with a special blend of domesticated cleaning materials efficient for use in the home.

LaBeacon Antibacterial floor cleaner is one of the essential cleaning products that everyone needs in their home. This product is suitable for cleaning all tile types, bringing back its original brightness and glamour.

You do not need any additional antimicrobial disinfectant as LaBeacon works very fine even when used alone. It is one of the best cleaning chemicals for tiles that are currently on the market.

GBC Exol Tile Cleaner

Price N9,700

GBC Exol works on severe stains and brightens the tiles to their original shine.
If you have been trying to remove stains from your tiles, surfaces, or clothing and restore them to normality, then GBC Exol would aid in doing this.

It removes all kinds of stains both the tough visible ones and the others that are hidden and cannot be seen with the naked eye. It is these tiny ones that destroy tiles faster as their effects are deep-rooted and foundational.

Special effects of GBC Exol

  • Exol acts as a brilliant germ killer and stain fighter
  • Exol makes the tiles cleaner and brighter
  • It adds a special fragrance to the surfaces

Vanish Action Stain Remover

Price N6,500

Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White Powder is specially formulated for tile cleaning. It returns the tiles to their original glow and shine, giving them an even brighter, clean, and shiny luster. The formula penetrates and lifts the stains from their depths, whitens, and helps retain the brilliant whiteness in the tiles.

Vanish Oxi Action Powder gives you an effective stain-fighting power that scores a bright and clean shine on your tiles along with a fragranced atmosphere in your home. It can be used on both colored and white tiles, as it does not harm any of them both.

Special effects of Vanish Oxi Action Powder

  • It has a brilliant first-time stain removal characteristic
  • It can be used on not just white but also colored tiles
  • It removes stains on carpets and rugs

Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Price N2,700

Clorox toilet bowl cleaner can bleach, clean, fight dirt, remove tough toilet stains, brighten, and disinfect tiled surfaces.

Clorox Performance Bleach takes away germs and odor easily and quickly. It can even be added to a bleach dispenser or to the water used for cleaning and rinsing up after the surface has been washed for the first time.

Clorox Performance Bleach is safe and can be used on toilet bowls, tiles, and wash hand basins among others. It removes the grey grout sparsed between the tiles, re-whitening it. It is effective for use in daily and seasonal cleanings; during Back to School Cleaning, Spring Cleaning, and Cold and Flu Season.

Generic Osen Toilet Cleaner

Price N900

Generic Osen Toilet Cleaner serves as a marble cleaner, it cleans and whitens surfaces, ridding them of germs and giving them a fresh fragrance. It can be used for deep cleaning or just for a daily freshening of the tiles and toilet surfaces.

Special effects of Generic Osen Toilet Cleaner

  • It kills germs readily
  • It leaves the house perfumed even after days from the previous cleaning
  • It cleans and whitens tiled and marbled floors.

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