Codes to Check your MTN Phone Number Easily

In this article, We will be looking at the ways, including codes to check your MTN phone number. Using USSD code to check your MTN number on a phone is quite easy and faster, so far you know the exact code to type.

MTN is the best and most popular telecommunication company in Nigeria with good customer welfare. Taken into consideration how customers forgot their details including phone numbers. MTN has created many methods in place for users who forgot their numbers for various reasons.

There are many methods including code to check MTN numbers on your phone. To find out those methods, read on.

There are many methods including code to check MTN numbers on your phone. To find out those methods, read on

Codes to Check Your MTN Phone Number

Method 1: USSD Code

This is the easiest. To use code to check your MTN number on your phone, follow these steps.

1. Ensure the forgotten number’s sim is inserted in your phone and it’s the one to be used.

2. Start by dialing *123#

3. Click on account info

4. From the various options it brings, choose my number.

5. And your phone number will be displayed boldly on the screen.

Do you think the process is long? You can also achieve the same results by pressing *123*1*1# on your phone. You can then proceed to jot it down.

Another USSD Code to check your MTN number on your phone if those codes didn’t work out.

Simply dial *663# on your phone and it will definitely bring your number onto the screen.
Note Most times after requesting your number, MTN will also send you a message with the number. So it’s easier to save and memorize that way.

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Method 2: Calling/ Call Me Back Features


Apart from using a code to check your MTN number, you can also achieve that by calling a friend who is close to you. This is only possible when you have airtime.

Call Me Back Features

MTN gives users the opportunity to send text messages to friends and family members(so far they also use MTN). You can simply send a message to a close friend’s number and save your number from there. You can use the call me back feature by dialing *133#.

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Method 3: Customer Care Line

If none of the above methods work, another way is to call the customer care services. The main customer care line is 180. Make sure to call the number with the sim even if you have no airtime(no charges applied).

If you use any of the above methods mentioned, you will surely get to know your phone number back. Which method did you prefer most out of those listed above?