How to Properly Wear On Ear Headphones

wear an on ear headphone properly.

Most people love music and often enjoy losing themselves in it to shut out all manners of noises and block out all annoyances, hence the use of headphones. But then again, to enjoy the efficiency of the rich and perfectly clear sound that comes with a headphone, the deep bass that ensures proper separation of sound, one needs to understand the knowledge of how to Wear On Ear Headphones properly.

Wearing an on-ear headphone doesn’t take a knowledge of Calculus. It’s a simple concept of knowing the proper placement and positioning into one’s ears and getting the right size to fit one’s ear canal.

On-ear headphones are similar to earbuds but differs in their placement in the ears. As opposed to earbuds, on-ear headphones don’t hang in the crevices of the ear but are meant to be inserted fully into one’s ear so that the soft tip forms a seal on the walls of the ear canal, like a cork in a wine bottle.

If that seal is not properly formed to shut out all external noises, the transference of sound will suffer and all low-frequency sound coming from the player will be affected. Do understand that in trying to insert the tip of the headphone inside the ear, too much pressure isn’t expected in order to avoid damage on both the device and the eardrum.

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So to Wear On Ear Headphones properly, these are the simple step to follow:

Step 1: Place the tip in your ear and push the tip in a little bit and seal them up with you hand.

Step 2: For your left ear, use your right hand to gently grab your earlobe then pull your earlobe downward a little to widen your ear canal and push the tip gentle further inside with your left index finger until the seal is felt.

Step 3: When you feel the seal, release your earlobe and your ear canal goes back to its normal size, tightening the seal in the process.

Step 4: Do this for the other ear to complete the process.-After this, you will notice how loud the sound gets, turn it down a little to balance the bass and walla! Enjoy the solitude.

Although there might be a little tweak and it might feel claustrophobic but the music gets more immersive when there are less external noises. Note that on-ear headphones come in different tip sizes and in different material makes – Foam and rubber.

Finding the right size helps a lot in getting a perfect tip. Start with the medium size tip and test its efficiency. If that doesn’t work, move down to the smaller tip size before trying the largest size last. Also select the tip material make that feels comfortable in your ears, although I will recommend the rubber material and the small size tip as it often gives a comfortable seal. If the rubber tip doesn’t work, try the foam variety.

So when purchasing one, do go for the best fit for your ears and enjoy the solitude. On-ear headphones can be bought in tech shops around you and can also be ordered online from merchant sites which include Jumia, Alibaba, Konga an amongst others.

There’s also a company called Comply that manufactures excellent foam tips for different kinds of headphones. You can try them for a better tip if none of the tips that came with your headphone works for you.


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