How To Start a Distillery Business [ Full Guide]

Have you finally decided on being your own boss? Do you want to start a business? if yes, then congrats. What business do you want to invest in? Since there several business opportunities out there waiting to be exploited. If you haven’t still decided permit me to introduce the distillery business.

One of the convenient businesses that guarantee a great return on investment in any part of the world is a distillery. A distillery is a place where alcohol or liquor is produced in commercial quantity. Alcohol sells, though there various brands of alcohol in the world, yours can also rise to the top in a twinkle of an eye if you pay close attention to the quality of what you produce, pricing, and packaging considering these factors, you’ll carve a profitable niche for yourself in the existing market.

Depending on how financially buoyant you are, you can start a distillery, it might be difficult to start up a distillery if you do not have even the tiniest idea about the line of business you are about to venture into, you may consider contracting the setup of your distillery to an expert then learn as he performs his duty and when he/she is through what is left is pretty much easy because the machines that’ll carry out the tasks will be in place.

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Thinking of starting a distillery business? Consider the few steps below

Feasibility Study

You are about to invest a lot of money into a venture and you wouldn’t want to start on the wrong foot. Gather information from reliable sources(preferably a distillery manager) on what it will cost you to own and manage a distillery and how to get raw materials for production.

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Draw a Business Plan

How well you trend in this business is determined by the effectiveness of your business plan, your business plan is like a lamp that’ll light your way in the direction you are heading to.

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Get Necessary License For Your Business

Once you are through with your business plan, the next big step is to register your business and choose a name with which you desire to operate. Since what you intend to produce is consumable you’ll need a permit from the body in charge of food and drug-producing companies.

Get a Facility

Your distillery must be located in a hygienic and very spacious environment, these two factors are very important because your distillery will be well inspected by health officials and the department of food and drugs before you are issued permits to start operation. To ensure your facility is standard and in good shape.

Hire Workers

Even though a greater percentage of the work is done by machines, you require workers. Only employ a competent manager to monitor the operation of the distillery, few workers in the production department and the most important of all is the sales department, you need to make sure the individuals here have the ability to penetrate the market and get your products selling fast in no time.

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Pay Attention To Your Product Packaging

This is a type of business where the packaging you give your product matters a lot, what you need to is hire experts to help you with your business branding and product packing.

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Advertise Your Distillery Business

One of the best ways to advertise a business like this is through billboards, make plans to have a banner or sticker of your business on a few billboards located near major roads. You can also advertise your products on radio stations.
All in all, if you are determined and put your best into this business you will surely make a huge profit from your distillery.

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