KFC Bucket Chicken Price List in Nigeria ([year])

In this article, we are going to provide you with KFC bucket chicken price list in Nigeria. KFC which stands for Kentucky fried chicken is a fast food franchise that originated in Kentucky, USA but has since spread into many other countries and Nigeria is not an exception.

KFC is best known as a fast food place that delivers the most tantalizing fried chicken that is both crispy and juicy at the same time. If you are a lover of fast food or you just want a simple place to have a quick meal, KFC is definitely for you.

One of the most tantalizing items on the KFC menu remains their bucket chicken. This menu item consists of multiple pieces of chicken in a plastic bucket meant for serving a large group.

KFC Bucket Chicken Price List in Nigeria

The Bucket Chicken is a favourite of most KFC visitors as it is goodness multiplied. The bucket is enough to feed a group of four making it easy to share and have enough for everybody.

However, there are different bucket sizes, chicken orders, etc that affect the price.

Here is a list of the KFC bucket chicken and their prices.

For custom orders; 1 piece of chicken costs N1200

The small bucket chicken with 5 pieces of Chicken Costs N5,000

The medium Bucket of 8 pieces served with 1.5 liters of Pepsi costs N8,000

The Celebration Feast Bucket with three pieces of COB(chicken on the bone) that can be ordinary or hot and crispy, six pieces of chicken wings, and 3 pieces of chicken strips costs N8,500

The Large Bucket Chicken with 1.5 liters of Pepsi costs N11,000.

Other menu items in KFC, Nigeria, and their prices.

1. The KFC Snacks Prices

  • Zinger/Dunked wings: From N1, 500
  • Chicken strips: From N1,700
  • KFC Snacker: N1000
  • KFC French Fries: From N1000
  • Popcorn Chicken: From N1200
  • Yamilicious: From N1000

2. The KFC Streetwise Prices

Streetwise One (1 Pc COB HC/OR, 1 KFC Spicy Rice & 1 Pepsi Pet Bottle): N2000

Streetwise Two (2 Pcs COB HC/OR, 1 KFC Spicy Rice & 1 Pepsi Pet Bottle): N2,750

Streetwise Three (3 Pcs COB HC/OR, 1 KFC Spicy Rice & 1 Pepsi Pet Bottle): N3200

3. The KFC Fill Ups Prices

Fill Up One (1 Pc COB HC/OR, 1 KFC Spicy Rice, 1 Strip & 1 Pepsi Pet Bottle): N2,750

4. The KFC Sides Prices

  • Fiery fries sachet: N500
  • Dip (mayo): N500
  • KFC Spicy Rice (Jollof rice): From N1000
  • Vegetables fried rice (Fried rice): From N1200
  • Moi Moi: From N1000
  • Pepper Sauce: From N1000

5. KFC Beverages Prices

  • Water: N500
  • Pepsi Bottle: From N700
  • Mirinda (50cl): N700
  • 7UP (50cl): N700

6. KFC Extras Prices

  • Extra-large fries: N1,500
  • Extra-large yam fries: N1,300
  • Large fries: N1,200
  • Large Spicy rice: N1,200
  • Large yam fries: N1200
  • Regular fries: N1000
  • Regular vegetable rice: N1200
  • Regular yam fries: N1000

7. KFC Choices Prices

  • KFC Spicy Rice (Large): N1,200
  • Regular KFC spicy rice: N1000
  • Regular vegetable fried rice: N1200
  • Vegetable fried rice (Large): N1,300

KFC is a favorite among many Nigerians often reserved for special occasions such as birthdays. The prices are on the high end but the quality of the food is worth it. However, It may not be affordable for many low-income households.

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