Biography of Kiddwaya’s Father; Terry Waya and His Net Worth

This article contains the biography of Kiddwaya’s Father; Terry Waya and His Net Worth, his age, lifestyle, businesses, and other details you need to know about him.

Terry Waya is a rich business magnate, billionaire, and a Nigerian social prominent star who is based in London, US. Terry Waya is the father of the BBNaija season 5 (Lockdown) Housemate, Kidwayya. Terry Waya is known for his extravagant lifestyle and ridiculous spending.

Biography of Kiddwaya’s Father; Terry Waya and His Net Worth

Terry Waya is speculated to be a billionaire with various businesses and investments ranging from hospitality to real estate to oil and gas. Below is the full Biography of Terry Waya with his net worth and background.

Terry Waya Background and Early Life

Terry Waya was born on 3rd May 1965 in a small town, Mbayongo in Benue State. He’s from the Tiv tribe. According to Terry Waya in an interview with the BBC, he had it rough during his early days. Before he relocated to Kaduna where he attended Kaduna polytechnic.

He later relocated to Abuja where he networks with a lot of military soldiers which later help him in his breakthrough. Through those connections, he was able to invest in deals that set him up for his lifestyle. One of those deals is the Trancsorp Hilton company which was managed by him when it is under construction. Before he later traveled out of the country after making huge investments in Europe and in the US.

Terry Waya Personal Life

Despite being a Social Star, Terry Waya kept his personal life to private. Only little is known about his personal life.

Picture of Terry Waya and His two sons

Terry Waya married his first wife, Susan Waya who gave birth to two sons; Al-Giani and Teseer Kidwayya, a BBNaija Season 5(lockdown) Housemate. He’s also rumored to have many children from different baby mamas.

Picture of Kidwayya(Terry Waya’s son) BBNaija Lockdown Housemate

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He also dated Eno Olafisoye nee Udoh, a social star and ex-wife of a successful entrepreneur; Bisi Olafisoye in October 2005.

Terry Waya is known as the life of the party, and lover of women and he had many at the wrap of his fingers.

His Lifestyle

Terry Waya is known and called Mr. Versace because he wears the top designers’ brands so much. Ranging from his shoes, clothes, swimming pool, and chair at home, they all had the touch of the Versace brands in them. He is known for his extravagant spending.

He hosted a lot of lavish parties which has a lot of top political dignitaries and influential people in attendance. An example of those parties is his 40th birthday party hosted in London which made the news headline.

Another one is the South Africa birthday party which has the likes of Aliko Dangote, Dimeji Bankole, Andy Uba, Lucky Igbinedion, and many others in attendance.

He also travels around the globe enjoying various vacations. He’s a close friend of many top politicians including Dino Melaye and Dele Momodu.

Business and Career

Another hidden part of the biography of Terry Wayya is his business and Career. His line of business and investment is not that known to the public except that he has a lot of investment in the hospitality industry, oil, and real estate. He’s also speculated to be the sponsor of some top politicians in Nigeria.


Without mentioning his controversies, the biography of Terry Waya won’t be completed. Apart from his son being one of the Lockdown BBNaija Housemates, Kiddwaya brought the social star into the public limelight again.

Terry Waya has made the news for different reasons. One such controversy is when he was arrested for money laundering in London. He was later granted bail after being tried in court.

In 2005, he was also in the news claiming to be one of the sureties and the reason why the former Bayelsa state Governor; Diepreye Alamieyeseigha was released from UK detention. The Bayelsa Governor who went for vacation was arrested for the charges of money laundering and Terry Waya claimed to have bailed him with £500,000.

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Terry Waya Net Worth

Terry Waya in his Mansion

Another highlight of the biography of Terry Waya is his net worth. Terry Waya is assumed to be a billionaire in dollars taking into consideration his expensive vacations, plated gold mansions, cars, and investments. His net worth is currently not verified.

What other details do you think we missed and should be added to the biography of Terry Waya? Tell us things you know about him, and let’s learn together.