The 10 Most Beautiful Cities In England

This list of the most beautiful cities in England will help you discover some of the great wonders of this impressive country, beyond its fairytale towns and green landscapes.

Beyond the multicultural and endless London, England has a great variety of cities such as Oxford and Cambridge, medieval Bath and Chester, as well as others that stand out for their extensive leisure and cultural offerings such as Liverpool and Manchester.

In this case, all of them, except London, can be visited in one or two days and have nearby airports or good connections by train and bus from the capital, something that makes them perfect to enjoy during an outing.

Keep in mind that the best time to travel to England is around May to October when the temperatures are more pleasant and the rains, present throughout the year, decrease in frequency and intensity.

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Without further ado, we have drawn up this list of what we believe are the  10 most beautiful cities in England.

The 10 Most Beautiful Cities In England

1. London

London is a unique city in the world and impossible to describe with a few adjectives, so you will have no choice but to visit it and discover little by little and for yourself all the wonders it hides.

Stroll or jog in Hyde Park, browse for a bargain at Camdem and Portobello markets, discover street art on Brick Lane, take hundreds of photos of Big Ben and the Tower of London, enter Westminster Abbey, visit the British Museum, getting lost in Notting Hill, seeing the city from The Shard or the Sky Garden or shopping in Oxford and Regent Street, are just some of the best things to do in London.

And of course, we cannot forget that London is a city to enjoy diversity and multiculturalism, in addition to experiencing some of its most popular traditions such as having tea or eating a good plate of fish and chips in a traditional tavern, always accompanied by a great pint of beer.

2. Oxford

Oxford, along with Cambridge, is one of the most prestigious university cities in the world and one of the most beautiful cities in England.

In addition to visiting some of the oldest colleges in the world such as Christ Church College, which inspired the writer JK Rowling with Harry Potter books, we recommend spending time walking through its streets surrounded by stone buildings and historic pubs, that are filled with students every afternoon.

In addition to those mentioned above, other essential places to see in Oxford are the Bodleian Library, the Covered Market and St Mary the Virgin Church, which has incredible views of the city, from its tower.

To go to Oxford from London in an hour you can take one of the trains that leave every 10 minutes from London Paddington station.

3. York

The medieval city of York, founded by the Romans and with a Viking past, is another of the most beautiful cities in England.

Located in the north of the country, this city acquired great importance and wealth during the Middle Ages, thanks to the wool trade, which was used largely to beautify the city.

The small historic center, surrounded by a wall, can be visited in one day and will take you back several centuries when you walk through its cobbled streets such as The Shambles, considered the oldest medieval street in the country and one of the best-preserved in Europe.

Although the great jewel of the city is the imposing York Minster, the largest Gothic cathedral in northern Europe, which falls in love with its fantastic stained glass windows and of course it is one of the places that you cannot miss.

To get to York you can take a train from London’s King Cross station which takes about two hours or get on one of the National Express company buses that leave from Victoria Coach Station.

4. Bath, one of the most beautiful cities in England

The city of Bath, almost 3,000 years old and located in the south of the country, is another of the most beautiful cities in England.

Strolling through the streets of the old town, declared a World Heritage Site, you will find the footprint left by the Romans when you visit its incredible hot springs and its beautiful examples of Georgian architecture from the 18th century.

To get to Bath we advise you to take a train at London’s Paddington or Waterloo stations, which take 90 minutes, or if you want to go directly from your home city to land at Bristol Airport, located 30 kilometers from the city.

5. Liverpool

Liverpool, famous for being the city that gave birth to the legendary Beatles, is another of the essential cities in England, not so much for its beauty but for its fantastic cultural and leisure offer.

Following in the footsteps left by one of the bands that marked the history of music, visiting The Beatles Story museum or listening to live music at The Cavern, is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Liverpool.

The best way to get to Liverpool is by landing at its airport, located 11 kilometers from the city center.

6. Brighton

Another city to visit in England is Brighton, famous for being one of the favorite holiday destinations for many Londoners.

Located on the southern coast of the country, this is a perfect city to relax on its more than 9 kilometers of beaches and enjoy its good and tolerant atmosphere, as well as having the largest number of bars and restaurants per inhabitant.

To get to Brighton in an hour from London you can take one of the trains that leave every day from Victoria Station or St Pancras or the National Express bus, which takes about two hours.

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7. Cambridge

The city of Cambridge is another of the most beautiful and famous cities in England, thanks to having one of the most prestigious universities in the world. One of its great attractions is its colleges, where celebrities such as Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton or Stephen Hawking studied, such as the famous King’s College that falls in love with its impressive medieval chapel.

Other essentials are the Bridge of Sighs, Trinity Street, Market Square, the Great St. Mary’s Church tower, the Fitzwilliam Museum and The Backs trail, which passes through the mythical Mathematical Bridge.

To get to Cambridge in 50 minutes from London you can take the train at London King’s Cross or London Liverpool Street stations or a National Express bus that takes more than 2 hours.

8. Bristol, another of the essential English cities

Bristol voted the best city to live in the United Kingdom and famous for its urban art, is another of the essential English cities.

In addition to seeing the works of some of the best graffiti artists in the world such as Bansky, it is worth spending a day to walk or have a picnic in its well-kept parks such as Castle Park, visit the Cathedral, have a drink in the Port and many more.

Keep in mind that in addition to knowing all these points of interest, Bristol can also serve as a base to visit some of the wonders of the south of the country such as Bath, Salisbury Cathedral or the megalithic monument of Stonehenge.

You can get to Bristol by landing at its international airport or by direct train from London Paddington station, in an hour and a half.

9. Chester

Chester, founded by the Romans is one of the best-preserved medieval walled cities in the country and one of the most beautiful cities in England.

In addition to taking a walk along its walls, it is worth getting lost in the streets of its historic center such as the Eastgate Street shopping mall, dominated by half-timbered houses with white facades, the old passageways with shopping galleries known as The Rows and the iconic Eastgate wrought iron clock.

To get to Chester you can catch a train from Liverpool James Street Station, which takes about 40 minutes.

10. Manchester

Manchester, the world’s first industrialized city, has left its gray past behind to become another of the most essential cities in England.

Cosmopolitan and modern, this city is becoming increasingly fashionable among tourists and locals looking for leisure and cultural experiences at a cheaper price than in London, something you can get by visiting the beautiful John Rylands Library, the City Hall, the alternative neighborhood from the Northern Quarter, Shambles Square corner, the Cathedral and for football fans, the legendary Old Trafford stadium.

In addition to all these attractions, the city has fantastic museums, art galleries, and traditional taverns where you can listen to live music while having a pint or having a good plate of fish and chips for dinner.

To get to Manchester you can land at its international airport, located 14 kilometers from the center, or arrive by train from Liverpool in an hour.

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