Thanks to technology, it is now easy to get Nigeria’s international passport done online via the Nigeria Immigration Portal [NIP]. This passport is known as Nigeria international e-passport and it is of two types namely; official and standard e-passport.

This document can also be processed at the physical Nigeria immigration service office and Nigerian living abroad, too, can get it done online and it will be delivered to their desired location.


Do you need the price range of the newly launched Nigeria international e-passport? Are you in need of the necessary requirements needed for Nigeria traveling e-passport? Will you be moving out of the country soon and need some important features about the new Nigeria international electronic passport? Oh! You want to know how easy and simple it is to get the important documents done, right?

Whatever you want to know about the Nigerian international electronic passport, this article will enlighten you on every single thing you need to know about it.

Legally speaking, any Nigerian who wishes to travel abroad must possess an international passport and for these important documents to be done, there are certain requirements each citizen needs to meet so as to get the international electronic passport done. Essence, you can get the passport via Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) e-passport Portal here at


Nigerian international e-passport: Everything you need to know about.

Obviously, there is nothing less than 25 differences between the newly launched e-passport and the old one but to be discussed are the most vital features you need to know about the design and release of the electronic passport. Among them are;

1. It is valid for 10 years

While Nigerian was waiting for the release date of the African Union Passport, some months ago the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria launched a new international e-passport with lots of features contain therein and one of them that catches the eye real quick is the validity period of the document.

Compare to the old ones; this newly enhance international e-passport will valid for a good period of 10 years. Plus, it also has some additional pages making it 64 for 10 years’ own. Sounds pretty cool, isn’t it? Such is one of the advantages that come with an international electronic passport.

2. Enhanced security

Since there’s a need to change the style of the traveling passport to electronic, there is also a need for the government agency saddle with the responsibility to increase the security value of the passport. Hence, the Nigerian new international e-passport is an upgrade version of the previous ones with a correct repositioning and improvement on the service it’s meant to perform of which security aspect takes the lead.

Be as it may, the e-passport will be valid for a good period 10 years and as such the need to improve on its security features is paramount. Most especially when the passport will want to decrease in value year after year – but the good positioning security will raise the value as time goes by.

3. Weather friendly

According to Nigeria Immigration Service comptroller, the newly launched international e-passport is weather friendly. It is designed with a polycarbonate technology that will shield and protect the document from damage.


4. It does not repudiate the previous one

This is another important thing every Nigerian desirous for the international passport should know about the new electronic one. For those that are still having the old one in their possession, the newly launched one does not repudiate the old; so far it has not expired, it’s still much more useful.

According to the Nigeria immigration service spokesmen, Sunday James, the new passport and the old one will be legally accepted as a single and same entity. They are going to work simultaneously until they are entirely replaced. So, if you are having the old one, fret not, it is still in vogue until it expires.

5. Nigeria’s new international e-passport cost?

Before shading light on the new e-passport price, be informed that the fee is non-refundable and the price depends largely on who issued it and how. Additionally, as an international e-passport applicant, you will have to pay for your address verification, pay for the passport, and delivery – although these charges are only to the Nigerian at home, it’s not applicable to Nigerian abroad.

At this juncture, it is very important to note that the e-passport varies base on the numbers of pages and the validity years, hence, the price tag varies, too. The amount to spend on processing one is largely determined base on the type of e-passport you go for.

So, therefore, the new international e-passport, which has 64 pages will cost N70,000. Albeit there are cheaper price options available but they will not last for 10 years. In the same vein, the new standard e-passport that had 32 pages with a validity period of five years will cost N25,000 and at the same time, the 64-booklet passport with five years validity periods will also cost N35,000.

For the Nigerians abroad; a 32-page new international e-passport that has a five-year validity period will cost them $130, a 64-page passport to last for five years period goes for $150 and also, the 64-page passport that will valid for 10 years will cost $230.



While it has been explained above that the e-passport has two different types of booklets i.e. 32 and 64 pages. So, the price for each depends on the age of the applicants and the booklet type he or she goes for. Below is the price break down – especially for the first-timer.
A 64 pages booklet cost: #20,000 for all ages, and #2,000 for address verification.

A 32 pages booklet: for a minor of 17 years old cost #8,750, #15,000 for adults of 18-59 years and #8,750 for the elderly ones of 60 years and above. The address verification charges are also #2,000.

In the long run, you can visit the Nigeria Immigration Service website or physical office for further inquiries.


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