Northern States In Nigeria (Full List)

In this post, we have listed out the northern states in Nigeria and every other thing you need to know about the northern region of Nigeria.

Nigeria got her independence in 1960 and since then we have had various divisions which we will briefly talk about.

We had the country divided into regions and we have the early regions East, West, Midwest, and North before the leaders started dividing into states and today we have 36 states and the federal capital territory and now we have wider regions we call geo-political zones.

Nigeria is the largest country in terms of population in Africa and the northern region contributes to the higher population which makes us focus on this and we have prepared a list that shows the northern states in Nigeria.

The northern region in Nigeria is also divided, that is why we have the “north-east, north-west and the north-central.”

The Northern region boats of most of the most populated states in Nigeria and also has a large population, each of the states has a larger area in terms of land.

The largest state in Nigeria is Niger State which is also a northern state and the majority of the occupation of the northern state people is farming, they have more than enough land to farm on and have since been the food source of the country.

Though they are not only into agriculture, they also do mining activities, trading, blacksmithing, weaving, hunting, mat making and dying.

The northern region alone has an estimate of over 90 million people and the people from the northern part of Nigeria are mostly Muslims, though we have a good number of Christians too especially in the north-central region likewise the traditional worshipers.

Without much ado, let us examine the list of Nothern States in Nigeria.

The Full List of Northern States In Nigeria

At the time of writing this post, the northern region of Nigeria has 19 states and the states are sub-divided into the geo-political zones we mentioned earlier, the North East, North West and the North Central.

Here is the list of Nothern states in Nigeria;

  1. Katsina
  2. Bauchi
  3. Taraba
  4. Sokoto
  5. Kwara
  6. Borno
  7. Kano
  8. Zamfara
  9. Benue
  10. Kogi
  11. Plateau
  12. Yobe
  13. Niger
  14. Nassarawa
  15. Gombe
  16. Kaduna
  17. Jigawa
  18. Kebbi
  19. Adamawa

The list above is the complete list of the states in the northern region of Nigeria and according to census 2006, Kano state the most populated state in the north and the second most populated state in Nigeria after Lagos state which is located in the western region.

Kano state is also one of the most developed states in Nigeria because of various of commercial activities that happens in the state.