Best UK and USA Online Stores That Ship to Nigeria

If you are the type that loves shopping online on an international website, then our compiled list of best online stores that ship to Nigeria may be what you currently need.

In this modern age, shopping can be done online in the comfort of your room, thanks to many online shopping stores available with various trendy styles and products. Below is the list of US/UK online stores that ship to Nigeria.

List of UK and US Online Stores That Ship To Nigeria

1. Amazon

Amazon is the largest online shopping store that delivers to Nigeria with 2-7 days. Amazon which was founded in 1994 is currently the world’s largest internet company in the whole world judging its revenue.

It has a large collection of goods ranging from fashion to books, car parts, household goods, and even tickets(for both railway and airway). Like many other US online stores that ship to Nigeria, Amazon offers a huge discount on goods depending on your orders.


ASOS is an acronym for one of the best UK online stores that ships to Nigeria. ASOS in full means “As Seen On Screen”. Most online shoppers are afraid of buying counterfeit products different from what is seen on websites. But this particular E-Commerce site assures its buyers of quality products as seen on the website as the name implies.

ASOS has many collections of branded clothing and footwear from different designers, for both men and women. The online shopping site also offers a lot of discounts with pocket-friendly products.

For every $35 worth products or more that is ordered, you get free shipping anywhere in the world, including Nigeria. You can also follow the site to enjoy their weekly discounts.

3. AliExpress

Ali Express is an online shopping site that ships from China to Nigeria and other parts of the world. It mainly consists of Chinese suppliers and exporters who have various unused and new products to sell.

Ali Express has a large collection of goods on different niche depending on your needs. Goods including smartphones, iPhones, tablets, Laptops, shoes, clothes, electronics, and many more are available for sale on the website at a wholesale price.

4. E-bay

E-bay is also one of the most popular E-Commerce and Online shopping stores that extend its services all over the world. It operates from California in the USA with a wide range of products including electronics, automobiles, sports, baby items, and many more.

E-bay is estimated to have about 170 million active buyers with over 1 billion products listed on the shopping site. E-bay is surely one of the best online stores that ships to Nigeria.

5. Nordstrom

This is another online shopping site based in Canada that deals with top trendy designs, fashion, beauty, and home products at affordable rates.

Nordstrom has about 700 shops and brands it sources products from. Since its establishment in 1901, it has grown to accommodate about 300 stores on 3 different websites. The websites include itself,, and Haute look. It’s safe to conclude that it is one of the cheapest online shopping sites that ships to Nigeria.

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6. Walmart

Walmart is one of the American oldest retail online stores established by the Wealthy Walton family. The online shopping site has about 12,000 physical stores in 28 countries. With the Walmart E-Commerce website, you can purchase any products that are available in their stores online and get it delivered to you in Nigeria.

Walmart which was created in 2000 has about 35 million products on its a shopping site. It remains one of the best US online stores that ships to Nigeria.

7. Topman

Unlike other online stores that ship to Nigeria, Topman only deals with quality and trendy designed styles for males. It’s one of the few online clothing for males. You can shop for any international trendy styles and fashionable on Topman.

8. Farfetch

Farfetch is another online store that delivers to Nigeria. It deals with luxury and designer clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories for both men and women. Ordered products from Farfetch takes 2-7 days to get to the customer.

9. deals with fashion products mainly from luxurious distributors. Top distributors like Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga, Burberry and Lavin, and so on.

The E-Commerce website has about 400 fashion brands which they source products from. is one of the best online stores that ships to Nigeria.

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10. Best Buy

The last E-Commerce store on our list of online stores that ships to Nigeria is Best Buy. It deals with Doorbusters, phones and gadgets, electronics, and many more durable products.

Best Buy remains one of the best shopping sites that offer crazy rewards and discounts on goods. You can try Best Buy out today to win a discount on any of their products.

With the above-mentioned US and UK online stores that ship to Nigeria, getting international products at the comfort of your home shouldn’t be a problem again.





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