How To Start A Pure Water Business In Nigeria: Full Guide

If you have been thinking of how to start a sachet water business in Nigeria then here is all you need to make it happen. The sachet water business which is popularly known as pure water has been in existence in Nigeria for many years now and this will continue as pure water is used every day in every part of the country.

For small-scale business owners, you can start the manufacturing, packaging and distribution on pure water in Nigeria and earn a good income from it. We’ve once mentioned this in one of our posts on the most lucrative business in Nigeria.

This business doesn’t require much capital to start it and is considered a small scale business of which with time it can be upgraded by producing table water and the dispenser gallon then one can generate much more income.

As we all know that there is market for pure water in Nigeria, there is always demand for it and the business has been thriving for quite some time now with the owners not backing out, that is to tell you that the business is a good one to venture into.

Most entrepreneurs have been asking to know much more about how to successfully start a sachet water business in Nigeria, this article will do justice to that, we will tell you every step you need to go through to have your pure water factory functioning in any part of Nigeria.

Pure water production allows the owner to produce and sell to retailers and some times to consumers, this even allows you to make more money, your company might be called upon to supply companies, factories and even parties or other events.

Mind you, you don’t just start a business because you have been told how lucrative it is, there are some steps or process you need to follow that will determine your success in the business starting from the business plan, production, marketing and distribution, without good strategy a lucrative business can gulp all your capital and result to loss, to avoid that you need to read this post meticulously and understand every bit of it.

If you really want to venture into pure water business in Nigeria we have taken our time to make the proper research from existing pure water factories to present you the guides and steps you need to start a pure water business in Nigeria and be profitable.

How to start a sachet water business in Nigeria


How to Start Pure Water Business in Nigeria (2020)

To be frank, like every other business, one have to put some things into considerations before starting a sachet water business in Nigeria. Presently we have many people doing this business in Nigeria, though it doesn’t hinder you from starting yours, there is always a demand for water. To strive in pure water production and sales, your marketing strategy has to be good, once good then you have nothing to worry about.

Without further ado, before starting a sachet water business in Nigeria, below are the guides you need to follow in order to be successful in the business. See the step by step guide on how to start a pure water business in Nigeria;

1. Make a business plan

For every business, you need a business plan. This is always the first thing you need to put in place before any other thing. What do you want to do, how to do you plan to do it? you should view that from different angles before taking the next step. You have to weigh in many variables like gain and loss, how to balance up, the amount of capital needed to start up, your budget. Making your business plan is very essential, it determines how you business will fare when you finally started it.

In your business plan, you highlight the necessary things like accommodation, whether you want to build it up or rent, the range of the rooms needed, the machines needed, plan for electricity and a backup generator, and many more. TO ORDER FOR THE DETAILED BUSINESS PLAN AND FEASIBILITY REPORT ON PURE WATER PRODUCTION BUSINESS IN NIGERIA, EMAIL: [email protected] OR WHATSAPP: 08142633953 

2. Good location for your factory

It is very essential to consider the location where you site your factory as this serves as a determinant of how your business will grow. You need a good location for your pure water business just like every other business. You should put into considerations on how motorable the area is, how you can easily access markets for quick distribution, how secured is the area, access to good electricity, and many more.

3. Source of water

You should know there will be a water test so you are expected to make your findings on how good the water in that area you plan to site your factory is. The best choice is digging a borehole and this should be done by an expert, you should know that registration bodies like NAFDAC will inspect your factory and since water is the raw material here you have to make sure its source is good as this will serve as the prerequisite for approving your factory by NAFDAC.

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3. NAFDAC registration

You need to be certified and considered a registered pure water company as this will build the trust between the consumers and those you sell to, this can be a huge obstacle for your success in this business if you are not registered by NAFDAC. In this present age, we have many educated people and the first thing they look for is if you have a NAFDAC registration number on your sachet water.

NAFDAC is a body that oversees anything related to food and drugs in Nigeria, it is a government agency that certifies every edible food in Nigeria and water will not be an exception. You are expected to meet with NAFDAC and register your pure water factory, it doesn’t cost much. Presently the cost of registering your pure water company with NAFDAC is N30,000 and after registration, you will be given a certificate and then you can start using your NAFDAC registration number. Note that without NAFDAC approval of your factory you cannot produce pure water in Nigeria so it is very important that your equipment are neat and your water source is good.

4. Facilities

This is what makes your pure water factory unique among others, you have to make quality your priority. Starting from the building to the sachets, water, and even the trucks for distribution. Below are the facilities you need to put in place that can speed up your success in the sachet water business.

  • Water Purification System: It is a very important thing to take into consideration, your water purification system makes your water unique, tastes good, and makes your product sellable.  The best purification methods which you can make use of are the distillation methods, reverse osmosis, ultra-violet light filtration, carbon filtration, and many others. Though the most used in Nigeria are the reverse osmosis and ultra-violet light filtration method.
  • Sealing Machine: This is another important one facility, you have to choose a good sealing machine like the automatic ones which make your water to be neatly sealed and also you can make use of the manual ones but it must be neatly sealed. If we are to consider a mass production with quality and efficiency in mind then the automatic sealer is your best bet. There are machines that automatically fill, seal, count, cut and package the pure water, they cost up to N500,000 and above depending on your choice, but if you can’t afford an automatic machine then you can do it manually and with time you upgrade.
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5. Staff and factory workers

Manpower is always needed, you need a hands-on deck for quick and perfect job execution. There are some post that is needed to be filled to make a pure water factory running, even if you make use of the automatic production line you still need humans to help in some areas, those that will man the machine(operators), those that take accounts of all productions, the ones that will load the sachet water in the truck and offload, the driver and supervisor(s). You need to put all these into consideration.

6. Distributors and Van

Based on your marketing strategy, it will be cool to have distributors of your pure water, they will be a registered distributor of your water. They get pure water from you at a cheaper price and they sell to other people to make a good profit, this will help you move fast and reach more areas without much stress.

Distribution truck(s) or van is another important factor to consider. You can’t just produce sachet water with a distribution truck, not in place, how do you move your pure water to your customers? This will help you to distribute easily and it is important you get a good van or truck for this if possible a new one or fairly used.


Once all the guides and steps listed above are followed then you should have no problem with your pure water business, all that is left for you is to start making profits and growing the company. We hope we have helped you in making the best choice and assisting you with your pure water business startup. We wish you success as you do this.



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